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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The beauty and convenience of cabinet refacing

If you are happy with the current design and layout of your kitchen, but dread the cost and inconvenience of a complete kitchen overhaul, then kitchen cabinet refacing is the perfect option for you. With cabinet refacing you can have the look you’ve always dreamed of and you can make your kitchen a true joy to work in with our variety of functional accessories.

What is cabinet refacing?

Why cabinet refacing?…

  • Installations for refacing cabinets take just days to complete
  • We use your existing cabinets so there’s less mess and inconvenience
  • Cabinet refacing is eco-friendly. You avoid adding unnecessary waste to your local landfill
  • With cabinet refacing your kitchen remains usable during the installation process
  • When compared to installing new cabinets of comparable quality, you can experience substantial cost savings with kitchen cabinet refacing
  • You can choose from a wide array of door styles and finish options
  • Prompt and courteous installation experts handle all of the details

Learn more with our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing FAQs

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What our clients say

“We are extremely pleased with our new kitchen. What a wonderful improvement! It is absolutely beautiful. I still feel as if I’m in someone else’s kitchen when I walk in. Thank you for being so nice and helpful beforehand and while you were working here. Your installer was very good about answering my questions and keeping the job site clean. The quality of the work is exceptional! Stop by and join me for a cup of coffee sometime in my new kitchen! ”

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