Kitchen of the Month Winner for New Cabinets for January

Kitchen Inspiration

For this kitchen remodeling project, we collaborated with a customer who envisioned a new and more functional kitchen. The client’s wish list included a brighter space, taller cabinets, the removal of the soffit, a fresh backsplash, and additional countertop space. Recognizing the concern about the kitchen’s darkness, we strategically approached the design to maximize natural and artificial lighting; we used task lights under the cabinets, relocated the can lights in the ceiling and used polar white cabinets.  

The project began with the removal of all existing cabinets, the soffit, and the outdated backsplash. We then introduced a thoughtfully designed peninsula, providing both additional workspace and a stylish focal point. To optimize the kitchen’s flow, we relocated the fridge to a different wall, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. The choice of materials and colors was carefully curated to brighten the space while maintaining a timeless and elegant aesthetic.


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