The Appeal of the Stainless Appliance

Kitchen Metal – Stainless Perhaps it is the siren song of a professional grade kitchen that speaks to our need for metal, but I have to say that we would be hard pressed to eliminate the appeal that stainless appliances bring to our designs.  Backsplashes, countertops, sinks, cabinet pulls, appliances, lighting—all can appear in our kitchen, totally

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Wood Countertops Add Function & Beauty

The Beauty of Wood Countertops Wood countertops are excellent choices to add warmth, character, and beauty to kitchen spaces. Often used on kitchen islands, wood countertops, when treated properly with a sealant such asWaterlox, are also functional choices for wet areas such as near a prep sink. When food grade oil is in the finish, you can

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Kitchen Islands That Offer Character and Function

Kitchen Islands With Flare  With an almost endless array of styles and functional features, you probably have yet to see a kitchen island you don’t like.  Kitchen islands often serve as the centerpiece of the kitchen so make sure yours not only looks great but is tailored to your lifestyle and your budget. In many cases, creating

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Glass Backsplash Tiles – The Natural and Beautiful Choice

Glass Backsplash Dreams A recent discussion centered on what is the most popular glass tile shape these days—and I have to say—all of them.  It is impossible to pick just one as the leader as I scan the possibilities and consider the stylistic results of the various options. Backsplash Tiles – Glass Tile For example, I have

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Kitchen Drawers – How to Satisfy Your Drawer Envy

The kitchen drawers envy Kitchen drawers—wide or narrow, are excellent ways to maximize convenience in the kitchen—and although a base cabinet with pull out tray type shelves are better than none, the mighty drawer allows for an impressive array of storage options and faster convenience and less smacking of the door and the pullout.  Kitchen drawer usage

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Kitchen Islands – Providing Function and Style

Benefits of Kitchen Islands An island in your kitchen provides immediate improvement to your work and living space—helping you get all the things you do done flexibly–in the hardest working place in the home. Variety is the standard when the topic is kitchen islands—a cart with an inexpensive granite, wood, or steel top and open shelves, or

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Recycling – Is Your Kitchen Designed to Handle the Task

Recycling – Let’s All Pitch In Recycling is on my mind—only from realizing that the facts according to the “ Keep America Beautiful” website fact sheet states that in 2009, Americans recycled 82 million tons of materials. The resulting CO2 emission reduction is equivalent to taking 33 million passenger vehicles off the road!  In addition, another fun

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Laundry Options – Blend Them With Other Activities

Laundry Options in a multi-use room Notice anything unique about this laundry room?  Even though it is actually quite small, the multi-use aspect it is what appeals to me—a work space, lots of folding, lots of good storage.   The laundry is often the afterthought in the home, but an efficiently designed laundry can be a wonderful thing—this

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In the kitchen zone

Heard of a “kitchen work triangle?” This is a long standing concept when life in the kitchen might have been a bit simpler.  Today’s kitchens are often incorporating “zones”—such as prep zone, clean up zone, serving zone, central command zone, food storage zone (hot/cold), hang out zone, equipment zone, coffee/beverage zone…are you getting the picture?  Thinking in

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Appliance Decisions – Planning and Budgeting

Planning For Appliances Probably the least fun aspect of planning a new kitchen is making those appliance decisions and trying to figure out the budget.  Appliances are the easiest places to go ‘over budget’, spend too much, or compromise unnecessarily.  Understanding what you can do to control these ‘got-cha’s” will mean the difference between a project that

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