5 Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider

          Cabinets are a prominent feature of any kitchen. They take up most of your wall space and are vital for storage. For this reason, it’s important to consider the appearance and functionality of cabinetry when designing your kitchen. You’ll want to explore the many different options available to you before deciding on

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Kitchen Flooring Options to Consider

After the experts at Kitchen Solvers have helped you design the kitchen of your dreams, it may be time to make a decision about your floors. You don’t want old, worn floors to diminish the appearance of the rest of your beautiful new kitchen. With so many options out there, choosing the type of flooring material that

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3 Ways to Help You Find the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

              Have you decided that it is time to treat your kitchen to a face lift? It may surprise some to learn that homeowners who are unhappy with their current kitchen’s condition are everywhere. Though the kitchen is the nucleus of the nuclear family, and one of the chief selling points

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Kitchen Cleaning – Is Your Kitchen Really Clean

              With little ones around the house it’s especially important to keep your kitchen void of those nasty germs that can cause some kind of illness. In today’s world, and our hectic lifestyles as they are, one can hardly afford to get sick. A surprising reality of cleaning products on the

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Kitchen Remodeling – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

            It’s a common enough phrase – one size fits all. But Kitchen Solvers is building a successful kitchen remodeling business by proving that phrase wrong. “Outside of loved ones, there’s nothing more personal to us than our homes,” says Gerry Henley, President of Kitchen Solvers franchise system. “It’s where we spend

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Newly Remodeled Kitchen Done With Cabinet Refacing – Why Now-Why Kitchen Solvers?

      As the economy marches toward its recovery, many people are beginning to realize part of that recovery is their responsibility. When we begin to put money back into the economy, the wheels that had almost ground to a halt, will begin to slowly turn again. It is essential that we have the confidence to

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Kitchen Remodeling Changes That Can Be Achieved While Staying Within Your Budget

            Want to renovate your kitchen but don’t have the $40,000 it costs? Financing seems to be a huge barrier when it comes to acquiring your dream kitchen. There are ways around that hefty price tag, however, if you’re willing to think outside the cabinet. Kitchen Remodeling Options – Reface don’t replace.

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Considering a Kitchen Remodel – Ask the Experts if Cabinet Refacing Will Work for You

      Question: I live in a home that was built in the 70’s. My kitchen provides me with plenty of room and I like the floor-plan, but it is furnished with dark cabinets, laminate counters and dated wall paper that make it feel dingy and small. We’d like to brighten it up, add an island,

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Kitchen Design Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen Into a Great Room

              Spice up your kitchen with design tips to transform your kitchen into a great room. Chefs have always considered the heart of the home to be the kitchen, but now architects and designers are spicing up their designs and turning kitchens into eloquent kitchen great rooms. A recent study conducted

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Kitchen Cleaning – Find Those Hidden Kitchen Germs and Clean Them Out

              You know your kitchen is clean. You clean the counters with antibacterial sprays. You wipe off the stovetop with care after every use. Dishes and pots are cleaned in the sink or dishwasher every night without exception. Despite your best efforts, there are still places in the kitchen that bacteria

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