Magic Mirror

As I sit at my office desk on a Monday day dreaming about the beach (we have not been to the beach in over 3 months)  I look over and see that my new Kitchen and Bath Design magazine arrived over the weekend. I try and push out the thought of reading this while sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand and a cold drink in my hand. I take a deep breath and open the magazine, As I flip through the magazine just reading a few headlines here and there I stop on a picture of a lighted mirror set in a modern style bathroom with the word NEW in a bright red bubble. This caught my attention and I’m sure that was the whole point of the red bubble….. I think to myself I have seen these before at different home shows and I have really liked the idea of them. As I went on to read about this particular one by Häfele a Germany family Enterprise; this mirror is right out of the future. This would be a girls best friend. Let me just start out by saying yes, light does matter when applying your make-up. This mirror allows the user to switch from warm to cool make-up lighting with just a touch of a finger. Not to mention that it is also Anti-Fog and is Bluetooth enabled. This got me thinking, do we really need all this in a mirror? With the way technology is moving forward and more and more of our daily lives are smart home based these days; I say yes – people are going to be flocking to get their hands on mirrors that have these types of capabilities. I know I use several smart home accessories daily and they have now become part of my normal way of living. I talk to my Google Home to tell me the news, weather and even traffic for my morning commute. I talk to my lights and even my T.V. so why not bring some of this technology into your bathroom?


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