Design Tips to Help With Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to get the most out of your project as possible. Fortunately, even if you have no remodeling experience, you can plan an effective, affordable project when you keep a few design tips in mind.

By implementing a few strategies used by professional designers, you can transform your kitchen from somewhat bland to the most exciting room in your home. Here are a few easy kitchen design tips that you can use to make your kitchen more attractive and functional.

Get the Layout Right

Before you get started on your kitchen remodel, planning the layout of your kitchen is of the utmost importance. Get the layout wrong, and using your kitchen won’t be easy or enjoyable; but with the right layout, your kitchen will be the heart of your home.

Setting up zones, for instance, is one of the best ways to make sure that your kitchen is as useful as possible. You can set up one zone for prep work, one zone for cooking, and you can even set up a zone specifically for baking if you want to easily whip up fresh-baked treats for your kids.

While planning your kitchen layout, you should also spend some time thinking about your storage needs. You need to know exactly what you’ll need to store in your kitchen, from pots and pans to tea kettles and toasters. When you know your storage needs, it will be a lot easier to plan out your cabinet space.

Use the Right Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen is the best way to make your kitchen pop. In addition to a primary light source that will keep your entire kitchen well-lit, you can choose different types of lighting in different areas for extra style and utility.

For instance, task lighting on the underside of your countertops can make meal prep a lot easier and will help you avoid painful nicks while you’re chopping vegetables. Similarly, you can add LED lighting to the interior of your cabinets to give your kitchen a warm glow and to make it easier to find the ingredients that you need to cook a world-class meal.

Make Your Kitchen Outlets More Stylish

Updating your kitchen outlets is a great way to add a little flair to your kitchen, and it’s one of the simplest kitchen design tips to implement. Instead of going with traditional white outlets, for instance, you can color-coordinate your outlets with either your backsplash or walls to create an attractive, seamless look.

You can also use a few different tricks to hide your outlets so that they don’t detract from the look of your kitchen. In addition to easy solutions such as hiding your outlet behind an appliance, you can also install under-cabinet outlets that will keep your outlets hidden while providing easy access.

Remodel Your Kitchen

If you need help deciding which of these kitchen design tips are right for your home, Kitchen Solvers is here for you. Our goal is to make every remodeling project an easy and enjoyable experience, and our team of professionals is standing by to help you plan your remodel. Get started today by visiting one of our locations near you.

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