To Replace or Not to Replace, That is The Countertop Question

Every now and again we at Kitchen Solvers of the Gulf Coast run into situations where a client of ours has an existing beautiful stone countertop (whether quartz or granite).  On more than one occasion we have really seen the distress in their face as they realize that there is the potential that the beloved countertop might need to go in order to get the kitchen remodel that is desired.  This is always a painful reaction to see and can cause quite the dilemma for homeowners looking to undertake a kitchen remodeling project.

Another thing to consider when planning a kitchen remodel is the significant level of savings that can be found in keeping the existing stone countertops.  Many homeowners really want a completely new look and may be tired of looking at their existing countertop, however if the rest of the kitchen was updated in a fashion that matched then would it be as big a problem to keep?  This may not be the issue facing every homeowner looking to remodel, but for those that have had this thought come into their minds, what are some great ideas that can work around this bit of a conundrum?

Fortunately, Kitchen Solvers of the Gulf Coast has some great kitchen design ideas for this situation, and Kitchen Solvers also has a great kitchen remodeling service in cabinet refacing that can work very well in situations like this.  Let us first discuss how cabinet refacing can be of great service to the more price sensitive client… or that countertop loving client.

For those that are unaware, cabinet refacing is the art of effectively giving a kitchen a facelift of sorts.  In order to deliver a brand-new look without removing the existing cabinet boxes, the process of cabinet refacing first replaces the existing door/drawer fronts with new wood or thermofoil doors and drawers.  Then the existing cabinet boxes are artfully covered up with very thin veneers or pressure sensitive laminate adhesive materials depending on whether the doors are solid wood and coated with a paint or stain or if the doors are wrapped in a thermofoil.  Add some well-placed moldings and you have a kitchen that from all outward appearances looks like new.  This is a great way to save those beloved countertops, or to save a few bucks, as the refacing process allows for the countertops to not be disturbed.  One important thing to note however, is that the cabinet boxes must be in good enough condition, and you will need to keep the existing base cabinet layout pretty much as is.  In fact, much of the savings recorded by cabinet refacing comes in the form of the thousands of dollars not spent on replacing the countertop if the homeowner wishes to keep the existing one.

So how about some other situations one might encounter when remodeling their kitchen that involve keeping an existing countertop?  One situation that jumps right to mind is when a homeowner likes their existing countertop but potentially might want to add an island.  This design tip can work as well for full kitchen remodels in general.  A popular design trend similar to the two-tone kitchen is the idea of having two different countertop colors or materials.  A contrasting light and dark countertop situation on the island and perimeter cabinets always looks fantastic, as well as, potentially using a nice butcher block look on the island to give a soft or subtle yet sophisticated look to the space.  The white cabinets with a gray countertop and the gray island with a white countertop is a classic look that is sure to please.

No matter what one decides, it is important to remember that mixing and matching colors, materials, and styles can be a great design enhancement for your home.  When thinking about the design you desire, it is important to consider all the factors that are important to you for your space.  If you really love your existing countertop, then keep it!  Simply find a creative way to utilize what you have and to work around it.  If you are designing from scratch, don’t be afraid to mix it up by stylishly mixing up the colors and materials used to enhance your space.



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