Vacation Property Renovation

We all know that Florida’s Gulf Coast is a hotspot for vacation properties for folks all over the country.  Whether the property is a second home, a vacation rental/income property, or perhaps a combination of the two, having a property that is a home away from home for you and your guests is a top priority.  Having viewed and remodeled many beach properties from St. Pete to Clearwater and beyond, we at Kitchen Solvers of the Gulf Coast know that there is a very high percentage of these properties that are aging and are in desperate need of a rehab.

In the world of vacation rental properties in Florida, the competition is stiff.  Not only are you competing against the local hotels and resorts, but there is just as much competition among fellow homeowners looking to make their vacation property pay for itself.  The two key pieces for a successful vacation rental are location and quality of amenities and finishes.  Those that have the best locations have the flexibility to be a little lacking in other areas while still retaining a high occupancy rate.  Those that may not have the prime location must make up for it in other ways, by providing an experience that the vacationer will never forget.  Regardless, having a property that is up-to-date and highly appealing is the winning formula to maximize profit potential in vacation rentals.

When thinking about updating your vacation rental property there are two areas to be concerned with.  The large interior finishes, and the minor interior finishes.  The large interior finishes are items such as kitchens, bathrooms, flooring etc.  The minor interior finishes are more of the decorative elements that will create the overall ambiance and guest experience.

Updates to the large interior finishes will undoubtedly come with the highest costs but offer the greatest rewards.  First, you will want to tackle these projects out of season as they can take the unit out of commission for several weeks or more.  Second, you will want to find lasting and durable products that can withstand high traffic use with little maintenance required.  When looking to invest into a vacation rental property, it is better to do it the right way once rather than attempt to go cheap and do it all again in only a few years’ time.  The difference between well made cabinets and cheaply made cabinets for the kitchen or bath could be the difference between those cabinets lasting 5 or less years or 15+ years.  Another option (that can potentially save on costs) to consider if you are looking to save your existing countertop is a cabinet reface.  This process allows you to replace the cabinet door and drawer fronts and apply a matching material on the face frame while keeping the existing cabinet boxes.  This can be a great option if you need a quick turn-around on the project while producing dramatic results.

Picking the right countertop is also important.  A stone countertop is going to be the way to go to provide that elegance that renters are looking for.  The two main options in this category will be granite or quartz.  Quartz is the hands down winner in this category as it is a nonporous and maintenance free option that will provide long lasting beauty and durability.  Quartz has a reputation as being the more expensive option, however, there is a wide range of price points that quartz can fall under depending on the style you are looking for.

Working with a professional kitchen and bath designer will allow you to discuss aesthetics, form, and function when it comes to renovating your vacation rental property.  It can be a bit intimidating attempting to tackle a renovation project while not living at the property.  Kitchen Solvers of the Gulf Coast, being a full-service remodeling company, will work to serve your needs to whatever level you desire.  Whether you prefer to manage some aspects of the project, or you would like a one-stop-shop, Kitchen Solvers can work with you to provide the best outcome for your project.  Working with long distance clients is familiar turf for our company.  As an added bonus, Kitchen Solvers of the Gulf Coast features a project management tool that gives you access to your project online allowing you to view your project schedule, view daily picture updates of work completed, and it provides a great two-way communication tool between the client and the team.

We would love to hear about your vacation property and see how we can help you get the best outcome for your budget.  Our professional designers provide a free initial in-home consultation to help you start the planning process.  Please call today at 727-644-3784 to start the path to higher returns on your property in the greater Clearwater – St. Petersburg metro.


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