Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

Do you ever feel like your kitchen has so many things in it, but not enough space to store them all? If you said “yes”, you’re not alone. Storage space is always on high demand and can feel hard to come by. If you’re looking to increase space in your kitchen, keep reading! Because, it’s time to clean out those cabinets and introduce some organization to your kitchen. The days of cramming and shoving your dishes, kitchen appliances, utensils and any other miscellaneous items are over! Here are some easy, simple, and cost-effective ways to increase storage in your cabinets and kitchen. 

Clean out your cabinets.

Through the years of birthdays, online sales, anniversaries, etc. it’s easy accumulate a lot of kitchen appliances in your home which most likely will never see the light of day. Cleaning out your cabinets allows you to take inventory on everything using storage space. It makes the process of deciding what stays and what goes easier and more efficient. 

Vertical space

Oftentimes, there’s a lot of space vertically in your cabinet boxes. And the best way to utilize that open space is through cabinet shelving. Buying racks or wire shelves for the interior of your cabinetry has become a popular method for increasing storage space. Another trend recently is extending your cabinetry to the ceiling. This can be accomplished with a hybrid kitchen remodel and cabinet refacing. Cabinets can be built to extend to your ceiling and then refaced to make it look like one cohesive cabinet. 

Install hooks for mugs

I know for myself, mugs are always a nuisance in my cabinetry. They take up quite a large amount of space and don’t stack well. A quick fix for this situation is to install hooks under a shelf or cabinet and hang your mugs by their handles. Not only is this a simple storage space solution, but it also makes your mugs an easy grab for when you’re getting that essential cup of morning coffee. 

 Hang stemware

Similar to installing hooks for your mugs, another great storage saving idea is hanging your stemware. You can hang your stemware underneath a cabinet to showcase your wine glasses. Or, you can tuck it away inside for hidden storage. Hanging your glasses ensures easy access and is a design feature sure to make a statement.  

Bulk items

This is such an easy way to make your kitchen come together. All those bulk items like flour, almonds, sugar, trail mix, etc. which are lying around your home need a makeover. Putting those bulk items into large glass jars or plastic containers is just what your kitchen needs. Not only does this storage solution keep your ingredients neat and visible, but it also creates an aesthetic look in your kitchen.  

Put that produce away.

Produce can multiply quickly and take up your much needed counterspace. Purchasing baskets and racks for your produce is an excellent way to save counterspace while also keeping your fruits and vegetables within eye-sight.  

Miniature lazy susan

 A lazy susan works best in a corner kitchen cabinet. They make it easier to put away and retrieve items stored there. A lazy susan’s perfect for eliminating the need to pore through various containers and create a mess searching for that one item.  

Kitchen Solvers 

Don’t feel like renovating your whole kitchen, or are you completely satisfied with the look of your kitchen? Storage solutions are a great way to update the kitchen without the hassle and disruption of a full-on remodeling project. In less than a day, Kitchen Solvers can install pantry rollouts, base cabinet pull outs, new lazy susans or blind corner swingouts. Get rid of your old clunky side mount slides and upgrade your drawer boxes with full extension, under mount, soft-close slides! Storage Solutions can be a great way to make you fall back in love with your kitchen. 

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