Now Serving the McCook, Nebraska Area!

Introducing Patty and Jeff Tidyman, new owners of Kitchen Solvers of McCook, Nebraska!

Jeff and Patty Tidyman New Owners of Kitchen Solvers of McCook

Kitchen Solvers is excited to announce Patty and Jeff Tidyman as the new owners of Kitchen Solvers of McCook, Nebraska. Patty and Jeff currently own an architectural engineering firm and have extensive experience with managing people and projects. They are looking forward to designing and installing beautiful kitchens and bathrooms in the McCook and surrounding areas. The Kitchen Solvers Home Office Team has already thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Patty and Jeff and supporting them with their training. This dynamic husband and wife duo will be a franchise to pay attention to!


Patty and Jeff currently own an Architectural Engineering business in McCook, Nebraska and felt Kitchen Solvers would be a good addition to their portfolio. They have strong ties to their community and saw a need for kitchen remodeling. Their attention to detail, ability to manage people and projects, and passion for creating beautiful spaces will allow them to be incredibly successful.


When they are not working, Patty and Jeff enjoy reading and gardening. They also like to spend time with their family.

Why Kitchen Solvers

Patty has a passion for starting new businesses and saw a local need in kitchen remodeling. When they started to do some online research, they happened upon Kitchen Solvers and started to work with Emily Romero to discuss the details.

“Emily is amazing. We’re thankful for the whole staff!” Patty stated when asked about their experience learning about Kitchen Solvers. Ultimately, they made the decision to invest in Kitchen Solvers because they have a great business background and a passion for helping people.

After meeting Patty and Jeff for the first time, the Kitchen Solvers Home Office team knew they would be perfect additions to the Kitchen Solvers family. They are serious business owners, who also like to have fun and enjoy the energetic culture of the team. Patty and Jeff will be outstanding partners and Kitchen Solvers could not be more thrilled to support them in building their legacy and serving a large territory with the pleasant remodeling experience!

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