Now Serving the South Bend, Indiana Area!

Introducing Josh Uebelhor, new owner of Kitchen Solvers of South Bend!

Josh Uebelhor has joined the Kitchen Solvers family and is looking forward to bringing the Pleasant Remodeling Experience to the South Bend, Indiana and surrounding areas! Josh has already started training in La Crosse, Wisconsin to learn about business operations, financing, marketing, sales, and installation. He is no stranger to business development and sales, but he has been looking for a business that he is passionate about. His drive to succeed, along with the support from the Kitchen Solvers Home Office and vendor partners, will allow him to develop and build his legacy!


For over 15 years, Josh has been in sales, business development, and territory management in fields ranging from recruiting to commercial furniture and design to designing safety beds for children with special needs. He is a University of Notre Dame alum who has lived in the South Bend area since graduating over 20 years ago. His work background as well as his community relationships will allow him to transition perfectly into his new role as owner of Kitchen Solvers of South Bend.


When he’s not working, Josh enjoys getting a round of golf in with friends. He also enjoys casting out on a lake, but admits he’s not a great fisherman. He enjoys being in a kayak or boat on the river or anywhere on the water with friends and family and is always looking to tackle a new do-it-yourself project at home.

Why Kitchen Solvers 

Josh investigated business options over a year, searching for a new career path. He reviewed information from previous clients and other resources. He’s worked for a long time, but has always wanted to find that “complete” career. He read a quote one day that stuck with him. “Some people are good at what they do, but not everyone does what they’re good at.” Although successful in all of his roles, Josh wants to focus on what he can really thrive at and put his energy and heart into building his legacy with Kitchen Solvers. He realized Kitchen Solvers was the right opportunity for him after meeting the team that would support him.

“Kitchen Solvers really set themselves apart from their openness, honesty and interest in understanding where I was coming from, starting at day one.  It wasn’t a sales pitch about how they could get me to join in order to build their count but instead a sincere feeling that my goal was now their goal and we are going to reach this together. Quite honestly knowing that not only the plans and footprints laid out the structure that has proven sound for over 3 decades speaks for itself and calmed any fears for me but the customization and personalization that the group provides and will continue to provide is beyond my expectations.”

Josh immediately fit in with the culture of Kitchen Solvers and the team could not be more excited to help support him with his long-term career as a business owner. He will not only run an efficient and customer-oriented Kitchen Solvers business, but he will also develop and grow his ties with the South Bend community. During training, Josh mentioned he is most excited to step back after completing the first project and see the smile on the homeowner’s face, admiring the difference he could make in someone’s life. To learn more about Kitchen Solvers of South Bend, click here.


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