2 Steps to Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Congratulations on making the decision to embark on a kitchen remodeling project! You are about to embark on a short and enjoyable journey that will result in a much more stylish and spacious kitchen and added value to your future real estate listing price. Starting renovations on your most prized living space can be a nerve-racking endeavor, but with proper planning, you can truly enjoy this moment rather than stress about it. Even the most inexperienced handyman and uninspired designer should be able to enjoy the planning of their new kitchen because Kitchen Solvers provides an accommodating consultation service that can translate your personal tastes and dreams into the ideal choice of materials, cabinet layout, and color combinations for you. Here are two things to consider before setting up your free consultation with your local Kitchen Solvers to ensure your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

Know Your Budget

The kitchen of your dreams might have gold cabinets and diamond-gilded countertops, but if you haven’t thought through if you can afford those things, your dreams might quickly be squashed. Getting so fixated on one design idea without considering your budget will almost certainly result in a half-finished project or one whose original plan had to be significantly compromised. The most important question to ask when you are determining your budget is where the money is coming from. Have you been saving up for this project and have a “slush fund” set aside just for it? Or do you plan to fund the project each step of the way without dipping into your savings? It’s important to figure out is what amount of money you have to work with and where that money is coming from.

It is critical to be completely open and honest about your budget with your Kitchen Solvers consultant, especially during this planning stage. A minor budgetary miscalculation in the kitchen remodel planning phase can manifest as a huge problem later down the road. Imagine a ship captain who unknowingly is sailing a single degree off course. That single degree could leave him miles away from his intended destination in the end. However, this advice may be impractical if you are unfamiliar with the qualms of your chosen kitchen remodeler. At Kitchen Solvers, our consultants can be relied on to work within your budget and maximize the value available to you.

Know Your Dreams

The most enjoyable part of the planning process for many people is customizing their kitchen. This is your chance to let your imagination run wild and create the ideal kitchen environment for your unique lifestyle. You should organize your thoughts before your consultation. It is extremely beneficial to collect images that reflect the style that you want to establish in your own home. This is especially true for those with limited construction and renovation experience because it is easier to look at pictures to decide what appeals to you than it is to read measurements, material names, and cabinetry stock styles to make the same decision. Some good places to look for ideas include:

  • Magazines – There are so many home remodeling magazines out there that are full of images for inspiration in articles or even just in the advertisement in those magazines. Cut out pictures that match your tastes.
  • Online Resources – There are lots of places online where you can look for inspiration. Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, or even Google can generate a lot of content for ideas and for your own kitchen remodel. Save photos or screenshots of kitchens you find online that are similar to what you are looking for.
  • Real Life Photos – These days you constantly have a camera in your pocket on your cell phone. When you are at other people’s houses whether it’s a friend, family member, or business associate, don’t hesitate to take photos of things you like in their kitchen to show our team. Your host will be flatter and most likely show off all of their favorite things about their kitchen.

Having these two things thought through before you meet with your local Kitchen Solvers guarantees that the design phase will be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process for you. With these two pieces of information, the Kitchen Solvers team can help you design and create the perfect kitchen for you and your family. Call us today to get a consultation appointment scheduled, then take some time between now and then to know your budget and know your dreams; then we’ll help make them come true for you.