Best Kitchen Cabinets: 9 Tips for Value and Quality

How to Decipher Which Kitchen Cabinets Are Perfect for You! Kitchen cabinets are not only a primary defining feature in one’s home but also carry the responsibilities of being the most utilized units within the kitchen. Due to the many role’s kitchen cabinets possess, it’s no surprise they can add up to 60% of your overall kitchen

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Is Cabinet Refacing the Right Choice for My Renovation?

If you’ve started researching and budgeting for a kitchen remodel you might have had a little sticker shock at the cost of new cabinetry. However, did you know that you can save 40-50% on your kitchen remodel if you choose to reface your cabinets vs replacing them? If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen

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6 Tips to Have a Stress-Free Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling any part of your home can be stressful, but it takes on a whole new level of stress when you are remodeling your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most heavily used areas of your home and a remodel can displace you from that area for days and even weeks depending on the scale of

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Contemplating Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Your kitchen cabinets are the skeleton of your kitchen. Why not make them exactly what you want them to be? That’s what custom cabinetry allows you to do. Although going the custom route comes with a bit higher price tag, there are some major perks to choosing to splurge in this important space:  Measure Twice, Cut Once

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How to Keep your Cabinetry in Great Shape

Cabinets are one of the most heavily used parts of a kitchen but unfortunately also one of the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning. You wipe down your countertops after every meal/prep (hopefully), but when was the last time you gave your cabinets a good clean? Proper and regular cleaning of your cabinetry can help

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Complimentary Color Schemes to Last You a Lifetime

Color schemes have a tendency to come and go as popular trends begin to fade out of style. If you’re anything like me, when it comes to your kitchen, you’re looking for a color palette which will not only take your breath away but which will also last you a lifetime. The first thing someone sees when they enter your home is the colors which you’ve incorporated

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Kitchen of the Month Winner for New Cabinets for July

Kitchen Inspiration by Kitchen Solvers of Fort Lauderdale Project Location:  Boynton Beach, Florida  Remodel type: New Cabinetry  Type of door style: 1300 Frame  Remodel style: Contemporary  Color: Matte White  Countertop: Quartz  Countertop color: Alabaster White  Backsplash: Alabaster White Quartz  For more information about this project, please visit Kitchen Solvers of Fort Lauderdale’s Blog.   Find a location near

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Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

Do you ever feel like your kitchen has so many things in it, but not enough space to store them all? If you said “yes”, you’re not alone. Storage space is always on high demand and can feel hard to come by. If you’re looking to increase space in your kitchen, keep reading! Because, it’s time to

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Kitchen Designs on the Rise

This past year homeowners clocked more time inside than ever before. With staying in taking the place of going out, we all gained a new familiarity with our homes. And at least for myself, all the hours spent inside gave me lots of time to figure out what was working well in my home and what needed

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Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for an easy way to make your kitchen cabinets stand out? Glass inserts in your cabinetry doors could be your solution. Bringing personalization, character, and a way to help you show off your kitchen appliances, glass inserts have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners. Here are a few tips and tricks if you’re debating introducing

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