L-Shaped Kitchens Stand for Luxurious

The most common kitchen design found in homes is the L-shaped kitchen. This increasingly popular layout involves two walls which meet in a corner to form the shape of the letter “L.” These two walls are often lined with appliances, cabinets, and other kitchen essentials. The reason L-shaped kitchens are so sought-after is because of their multitude

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Kitchen of the Month Winner for New Cabinets for May

Kitchen Transformation by Kitchen Solvers of La Crosse Project Location: West Salem, WI Remodel type: New Cabinetry Type of door style: Tescott Remodel style: Traditional Color: Cashew Door Material: Hickory Countertop: Quartz Countertop color: Indian Pearl Backsplash: 4” x 8” Skybridge off-white For more information about this project, please visit Kitchen Solvers of La Crosse’s Blog. Find

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Kitchen Island Ideas: Ultra-Functional and Indispensable

The Kitchen Island – The All-Purpose Space With today’s kitchen landscape, the island is most typically the focal point of one’s room. Not only does the island provide versatility in the design of the room by coming in any shape, color, or style; but the kitchen island also serves a multitude of purposes. From a cooking station

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Favorite Uses for a Kitchen Island 

The kitchen is no doubt the hub of any household. But, what’s the hub of the kitchen itself? Where do people tend to gather the most? Where does the majority of socialization take place? If you said kitchen island, ding ding ding, you would be correct. A kitchen island is not only a great functional asset to

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Trending Kitchen Styles for 2021

In 2020, a great deal of our time was spent inside of our homes uncertain of what the future would hold. This period of time placed a larger emphasis on the importance of one’s home. Functionality, layout, and style were taken into greater account and homeowners more closely analyzed their space. As a result once the economy

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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Remodeling your kitchen is among the most exciting and impactful upgrades you can make to your home. The kitchen is often considered the beating heart of any home, and taking your cooking area to the next level will have lasting effects on the rest of your space as well. How exactly you go about redesigning your kitchen

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To Island or Not to Island? That Is the Kitchen Question

If you’re looking to kick up the utility of space in your kitchen, there’s almost no better way to do it than to add an island. This can provide tons of extra useful space by converting an unused open area in the middle of the floor. It can also provide a wide variety of other benefits when

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Designing a Modern Kitchen Without Sacrificing Function

Modern design is focused on minimalism, and though modern kitchens are highly popular, having a minimal design can be challenging in a kitchen. After all, no room in your home requires more functionality than your kitchen. Fortunately, you have plenty of options for designing a modern kitchen without sacrificing the functionality you need for one of the

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How You Can Supercharge Your Kitchen By Installing an Island

If you’ve been interested in improving the functionality of your kitchen, there are several remodeling projects that you could choose. To make your kitchen as useful and convenient as possible, however, there’s almost no better option than installing a kitchen island. Adding an island to your kitchen can provide you with any number of exciting benefits, and

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The Ins and Outs of Planning a Kitchen Island Installation

If your kitchen needs something to tie the room together, installing a kitchen island can be a great solution. In addition to adding more counter space to your kitchen, an island can boost the style of your kitchen to the point that it’s the most attractive room in your home. Planning a kitchen island installation is a

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