Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen: Design Tips and Tricks

Urban living will never go out of style, and with urban spaces usually come small kitchens. However, having a compact kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise on function or style. By implementing some smart design strategies and a little bit of creativity, you can transform your small culinary space into a highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing area. Here we’ll go over a few practical tips and tricks for maximizing space in a smaller kitchen.

Embrace a Functional Layout

The layout of a kitchen can make a huge difference in your space. Opting for a layout that minimizes wasted space and promotes efficient movement throughout the kitchen is best. A galley or L-shaped layout allows for streamlined workflow and abundant storage opportunities without taking up too much floor space.

Utilize Vertical Storage

When the footprint of your kitchen is smaller, look up! Consider installing shelves or cabinets to make use of the vertical space in your kitchen for storing items like cookware, spices, and small appliances. Open shelving is a great option that creates the illusion of space by visually expanding the room while traditional cabinets can sometimes make a space seem smaller and more enclosed.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Choose furniture pieces that can be used for multiple purposes to make the most of your kitchen space. A kitchen island with storage can also double as a prep area and dining table. Consider a fold-down table that is mounted to the wall that can be used for meal prep and then neatly tucked out of the way when not in use.

Choose Slim and Sleek Appliances

Every inch counts in a smaller kitchen so look for slim and compact appliances that are specifically designed for smaller spaces. There are narrow refrigerators, slimline dishwashers, apartment-sized ovens, and compact microwaves. These space-saving appliances not only fit seamlessly into your small space, but they also leave more room for storage and movement. Especially if you live alone, these smaller appliances might be a great choice for your small space.

Maximize Cabinet Space

Installing organizers and inserts that keep everything neat and accessible can make the most of your cabinet space. Pull-out shelves, turntables, and drawer dividers can make your storage highly efficient and functional. Keeping your kitchen organized and uncluttered can make you forget just how small your space is because it functions so efficiently.

Utilize Underutilized Spaces

Consider every surface as an option for storage. The area above your cabinets and the inside of cabinet doors can be used as extra storage space. Installing hooks or racks on the inside of your cabinet doors can create a space to store pot and pan lids and utensils. Invest in some decorative baskets to store items that you don’t use too frequently on the top of your cabinets as well.

Keep it Light and Bright

Choosing the right colors for a smaller space can make a huge difference. Opting for white or light-colored cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash will reflect light and make the room feel more spacious, airy, and open. Natural light coming through windows or skylights can also help make the room feel larger and more inviting.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

The most important part of maximizing any space is to keep it clutter-free. Regularly taking the time to declutter countertops, cabinets, and drawers and taking inventory of everything you have will allow you to make room for the essentials and prevent the space from getting too cramped and overcrowded.

Using these design tips and tricks can transform even the smallest kitchen into a functional and stylish space that meets your specific culinary needs. Using a little creativity and smart planning can ensure that it is still a joy to cook and entertain in your small, urban space. If storage solutions are what you need, your local Kitchen Solvers is happy to help! We can also help you think through how we might be able to rearrange your space to make it as functional as possible.