Shaker Door Style-4 big reasons it dominates

The modest shaker door style is arguably the favorite choice for a number of flexibly stylish reasons.  This cabinetry style workhorse is ready to take on just about any stylish kitchen or bath remodel.  The shifting of emphasis with this great door pattern is what makes it work—depending on the color or wood type used, your kitchen

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Incorporating Some Kitchen Curves into Your Kitchen Remodel

Curves in your Kitchen—evaluating cost, design, and options With the possibility of a clean slate for your kitchen as you consider a remodel, this is the time to also consider if adding some kitchen curves to your space is a dynamic way to design the new space. Kitchen Curves – Appliances provide subtle curving The subtle curving

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Putting together a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Team: 4 Easy Tips on getting started

Here are my best four tips for getting started on your kitchen and bath remodeling project, and help you avoid a lot of frustration by you having done your homework first.  Do these, and you have set the general requirements of the kitchen and bath remodeling project, allowing you to both communicate well to those involved, develop

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Getting Started on Your Kitchen Remodel-4 Space Planning Questions you must consider

By changing your existing notions of what your kitchen is, you then have a whole new way of looking at your home design.  Answering these five basic questions will help with you getting exactly what you need and a kitchen remodel plan that really works for you. How do you really use your kitchen? Do you like

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