Shaker Door Style-4 big reasons it dominates

The modest shaker door style is arguably the favorite choice for a number of flexibly stylish reasons.  This cabinetry style workhorse is ready to take on just about any stylish kitchen or bath remodel.  The shifting of emphasis with this great door pattern is what makes it work—depending on the color or wood type used, your kitchen and bath remodel can easily move from  rustic country , through traditional, industrial, and on to clean, warm, and beautiful contemporary styling based entirely on what you decide to put with it.

12-3_124728936The basic Shaker Door Style is typically executed in three ways—with a reverse solid ¾” panel (the “raised” center is reversed to be on the back side), and framed with flat edging.  The framing can vary from 1 ¾” to 2 ¾” inch wood in its standard incarnation.  This door style is also largely available with  an inner 3/8” panel as well.  Lastly, the door is also available as a one piece solid paintable Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) in a variety of colors, or the newer version of an MDF five piece door is also available.  All will look relatively the same, what is different is the size of the door frame, the inner panel, and its available woods, paint, or MDF.  Based on construction quality, also its longevity.

It is true that in your search for the perfect cabinetry style in your new kitchen or bath remodel you will also likely see a “Shaker” variation that includes a center rail, dividing the flat panel in two, or with options on the edge routing or profile that can add more detail. However, in true Shaker fashion, the less detail on the door is better, which allows you greater flexibility in choosing the accompanying finishes, shapes and accents to complete your design.

So why does the Shaker Style Dominate?

Shaker Door Style cabinets are a classic

Pick an era or a region, and you will find a shaker cabinet looking great.  Designers love it—it keeps your kitchen fresh.    Owners love it—it is a timeless design—bridging styles from the early 20thcentury going easily into the mid-21st century.  This means your decision and investment will last a long time.

Shaker Door Style Cabinets are relatively affordable

This is a relatively affordable door to produce from a manufacturing or woodworking perspective.  Costs will vary depending on wood species, paint, or MDF color selection.

Shaker Door Style Cabinets can be whatever you want it to be

This means you have freedom to go the classic white route, the rustic hickory cabin feel,  a painted country look, or a contemporary look—what changes the design and décor is how it is put together—straight lines, stacking of cabinets, moulding, hardware, and what other finishes you choose to assemble for your design.

Shaker Door Style Cabinets play well with others

Subway tile or strips of glass, stainless or black appliances or with a panel front, wood tops or concrete or granite or laminate, all work with this cabinetry.  Switch out your lighting and paint from turn of the century industrial to streamlined contemporary, and your look alters with it—but your cabinets don’t have to change.

Bottom line?  Pick this classic, flexible, affordable, and beautiful shaker door style, and you can’t go wrong.  And be sure to research Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs – Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Project Under Control if you are planning a kitchen remodeling project.