4 Great Space-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you’re not careful, your kitchen can start to feel really crowded fairly quickly. The kitchen is the most heavily used space in a home and unlike the other spaces, you function and interact with each part of your kitchen. This makes it imperative that everything has a purpose and a home. When you first started living on your own and building your collection of kitchen utensils and supplies, you probably had more than enough space for everything. However, as the years go on and new utensils and gadgets are introduced into your space, two things are important. First of all, get in the habit of auditing your kitchen regularly. Pay attention to tools, utensils, and supplies that you are not using and get rid of them. No need to hang onto things that will just collect dust sitting on shelves in the back of cabinets. Second, look for space saving solutions to store your things that make sense for how you use your space. Getting creative with your storage can create space you didn’t know you had in your kitchen and mentally knowing that everything has a place to call home makes your space function efficiently. Here are 4 great space saving ideas to try in your kitchen.

Use Empty Cracks and Spaces to Your Advantage

Depending on your kitchen, you may have noticed gaps between your appliances and your cabinets. This is most commonly seen on either side of your refrigerator. Instead of leaving this space empty, build your own rolling storage pantry with shelves for canned goods. This will give you additional storage space for non-perishables or even spices. If you don’t have a pantry or are using your cabinets as one, this will open up valuable storage space for your other kitchen supplies like small appliances, dinnerware, and serveware.

Add Pull Out Shelves to Your Cabinets

Adding pull-out shelves to your lower cabinets can not only double your cabinet capacity, but it makes the items in your cabinets more accessible. They come in lots of different styles and are built to accommodate all types of items. There are two-tier options to store your pots, pans, and lids in an organized way. Other popular options are pull-out storage solutions for the pesty blind corner cabinet that most people have in their kitchen. Lazy susans are a good option, but they don’t take full advantage of the space. Other options include pull-out shelves that slide in one by one on top of each other. Another popular option is the kidney-shaped shelf that maneuvers in and around the corner cabinet perfectly.

Add Storage to the Sides of Cabinets

The end panels of your cabinetry is most likely unclaimed real estate for storage. Consider mounting a towel rack to the side of your cabinets and use s-hooks to hang pots and pans or utensils to open up space in your cabinets and drawers. Hang a shower caddy or basket to store fresh produce, fruit, your go-to spices or cooking oils. If you have space for it, add floating shelves to the side of your cabinets to create some open shelving to keep some of your frequently used items off your countertops. Put your coffee maker, mugs, and other morning routine supplies here so they are always accessible but not taking up valuable counter space.

Use a Stove Cover

If your kitchen lacks counter space, invest in a stove cover. This flat piece of wood covers your stovetop to create additional prep space. These can be a game changer for those with smaller kitchens or no kitchen island. Every little bit of counter space helps when chopping and prepping all the ingredients for a meal and a stove cover gives you more room to spread out before you need to turn your stove on and get cooking.

These are just a few of the many space-saving options you can consider for your kitchen to make it feel more organized and functional. If you’re looking for more ideas, your local Kitchen Solvers specializes in storage solutions and can help you figure out what solutions might work for you and your space.