4 Ingenious Pantry Storage Solutions










Especially during the holidays when your home is likely to be overrun with food, having ample storage space in your pantry can be quite the issue. As hard as you may try to keep it organized, each trip to the grocery store adds on to the impossible mountain of half-empty chip bags, random cans of beans and empty boxes of cereal that no one can ever seem to remember to throw away. These four ingenious pantry storage solutions could ease your frustrations, if you struggle to store your food in a non-chaotic manner.

1. Pantry Pullout Drawers

Even the smallest of pantries can be fit with pantry pullout drawers. Such a device is an amazing solution to pantry storage woes, as you are able to maximize all the space you are given. You can easily place and reach items in the back of the pantry without causing an avalanche.
Drawers make it easy to keep items organized by category, due to the height of the varying drawers. For instance, deeper drawers can hold those tall cereal boxes, larger bottles and so on. Shorter drawers are only capable of holding things like cans and shorter boxes, making organization easy.

2. Lazy Susan

No, we aren’t talking about your aunt, we’re talking about the ultra-convenient, super-awesome spinning discs on which you can place basically anything. If you’re one of those lucky ones who has a walk-in pantry, that pantry is likely to have a corner or two. With a Lazy Susan, you can keep groups of bottles and jars together. By spinning the disc, you can reach the bottle you need with ease, without having to dig through and disrupt the entire contents of your pantry.

3. Mount and Wine Racks

Mounted racks and wine racks can add another level of storage to your pantry without sacrificing precious shelf-space. Racks on the door or walls can keep smaller jars, such as spices or sauces, separate and organized from everything else, so that they don’t get lost. Wine racks can safely store your wine on its side, without you having to worry about the glass breaking or the cork drying out.

4. Baskets and Tubs and Jars, Oh My!

While de-cluttering and reorganizing your pantry can sound like a scary and daunting task, with these containers, we promise it will be a breeze. With baskets, you can keep produce like potatoes and onions separate so that they might last longer. Tubs can hold those smaller, pesky boxes, to keep them together and upright so that they quit falling over and spilling their contents every time you look at them the wrong way.

Decorative jars can act as beautiful, while still convenient, pantry storage solutions. Storing things such as flour, sugar and coffee are made easy. Create your own fun labels, and enjoy the advantages of being able to view the contents of each jar.

Do you want pantry storage solutions that work for you, before the holiday season starts up? If so, visit our website at Kitchen Solvers today to learn more about our kitchen storage solution options.