5 Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider







Cabinets are a prominent feature of any kitchen. They take up most of your wall space and are vital for storage. For this reason, it’s important to consider the appearance and functionality of cabinetry when designing your kitchen. You’ll want to explore the many different options available to you before deciding on cabinetry.

At Kitchen Solvers, we understand that choosing cabinets is a big part of the kitchen remodeling process. We’ve compiled some of our favorite kitchen cabinet styles to help you get excited about your kitchen redesign.

1. Shaker Cabinetry

This particular type of cabinetry gets its name from the unique Shaker furniture style, which uses simplistic and clean lines that emphasize utility. This traditional five-piece flat-panel style is very popular in kitchens today. Manufacturers of Shaker cabinetry can use cost-effective materials that make it affordable for anyone on a budget. To save even more money, you can choose to use a natural finish instead of a painted one.

This simplistic cabinet style is ideal for any kind of décor, whether it’s more modern or more classic. Shaker cabinetry also works with any variation of wood, paint, hardware and color.

2. Louvered Cabinetry

Louvered cabinets use horizontal wood slats that can often be seen on window shutters. This style adds a distinctive architectural appearance to cabinets. Since most louvered cabinets have spaces between the slats, they are an excellent option for those who want ventilation.

Although louvered cabinets are unique and beautiful, they are typically expensive. But for those who are looking to incorporate rich wood colors into their kitchen design, these cabinets are ones to consider.

3. Inset Cabinetry

Inset cabinets are exactly what their name describes — inset. Unlike most cabinet doors, which are placed on the outside of the frame, inset cabinets are set inside of the frame. Because of this, these cabinets are created by making very precise measurements so that the doors can properly open and close within the frame, even when it’s humid and the wood expands.

Inset cabinetry offers a lasting and classic look that doesn’t go out of style. But with the expensive hinges and cost of production, this option isn’t the most cost-effective.

4. Beadboard Cabinetry

Well before the days of plaster and drywall, beadboard was used as decorative wall treatment. Nowadays, beadboard offers homeowners with chic cottage-style cabinetry. The center panel of beadboard cabinets has vertical lines that look like the traditional paneling of the past. Many people love this style in all-white as it gives their kitchens a bright, clean appearance.

5. Thermofoil Cabinetry

Thermofoil cabinets are made out medium-density fiberboard, covered in a kind of plastic coating and then exposed to intense heat in order to create a water-resistant seal. This process makes thermofoil cabinets extremely durable, helping you to save money over time.

These mass-produced cabinets are limited to solid colors and imitation wood grain. Although they are very durable, it is difficult to repair them if they get damaged.

There are certain perks and drawbacks to all styles of cabinetry out there. For more information about which cabinets will work best in your kitchen environment, contact us today. We’ll help you get started on creating the kitchen of your dreams right away.