5 Signs That Your Kitchen is Outdated





Is your kitchen a bit older? Maybe you designed the space yourself as you built the home several years ago, or perhaps it even predates your residency. Even if you love your current kitchen, an upgraded space can be very beneficial. Statistics show that the kitchen is one of the best rooms in the home to invest in, as your investments in this area can greatly increase the value of your property.
Not only will upgrading your kitchen raise your home’s worth, it may also save you a good bit on your utility bills and help diminish the pollution in the environment. Some homeowners love their kitchen so much that they are blind to the outdated appearance. Here are some signs that your kitchen is outdated.

1. The Old Refrigerator

Experts suggest that you consider replacing your refrigerator before it reaches 10 years of age. Refrigeration systems acquire a lot of moisture and grime. This can lead to mold and mildew, which are not healthy to have near your food sources. The inner workings of refrigerators wear out over time due to constant use, decreasing their efficiency. In fact, buying a new, energy efficient refrigerator can cut your utility bill in half.

2. Plastic Moldings

Originally made to finish off linoleum floors, plastic moldings are a dead giveaway that your kitchen needs a little tender love and care. These can be found in areas under the dishwasher and other appliances. If you take a look around your kitchen, you might notice random plastic pieces throughout. Plastic backsplashes and fixtures are other common features in older kitchens.

3. Lack of Backsplash

Backsplashes are trending in modern kitchen design and have been for several years. They are both functional and beautiful, serving multiple functions in the kitchen space. You can create a backsplash out of several different materials including rock, tile, glass or even stainless steel.

4. Old Cabinet Hardware

One of the easiest elements to replace in your kitchen that will give it an instant face lift is the cabinet hardware. Outdated hardware can quickly date your kitchen space. Contemporary, modern hardware is streamlined and sleek. When in doubt, go with stainless steel or a dark metal.

5. Appliances

Appliances are the elephant in the room. If they are outdated, it is normally very obvious. Some outdated kitchens have mismatched appliances. Others feature “well-loved” stoves, dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators.

6. Countertops and Floors

If the flooring and counters in your kitchen are older, they will instantly date the space. Simply updating these two elements will help to put value back into your home. Be sure to select components that flow with your overall design and color scheme.

Remodeling your kitchen can be very beneficial. Your new space will add value to your home, make a more functional environment and save you more money long term. If you would like more information on upgrading your outdated kitchen, visit our kitchen remodeling page or contact a representative at Kitchen Solvers today.