5 Woods to Make Your Counters Pop


The focal point of your kitchen is your countertops, which means you need to pick the right material. In the past, wood countertops were a popular choice for almost any home. However, in recent years, wood countertops have fallen out of favor because of a perceived lack of enticing design choices, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

By choosing the right type of wood material, you can turn your countertops from drab to eye-catching, pulling your kitchen together and giving you the exciting style that you deserve. Learn about five exciting materials you can use for gorgeous, head turning wooden countertops that will transform the kitchen in your home.


When choosing the right material for your wooden countertops, you want a wood choice that will only look better as it ages, which is why Cherry is the first wood on this list. Cherry wood’s understated red coloring darkens over time, making sure your countertops will have a great look years into the future. Additionally, this wood’s unique shine will make your kitchen feel bright and welcoming, which is exactly what you want from this important room.


Zebrawood is probably one of the most recognizable wood types that there is. Thanks to its signature stripes, using zebrawood in your kitchen can be a great style choice when you’re going for an aesthetic that is guaranteed to surprise and impress. On top of its stunningly original appearance, zebrawood is one of the toughest wood types that there is, making it a perfect choice for a high intensity room like the kitchen.


If you’re looking for a more understated wood that still offers enticing style, you should give wenge a serious look. An African hardwood that is more typically used for furniture, wenge has a rich dark color that can serve as an excellent counterpoint to the stainless-steel appliances that are often found in kitchens. Not only that, but wenge is also very durable, meaning it will preserve its look even after many years of use.

Black Walnut

One of the most sought after woods in home design, black walnut is actually a great wood to use for kitchen countertops because of its uncommon strength and longevity. In addition to its physical attributes, black walnut makes a great countertop material because of its one of a kind color patterning, mixing a light honey color with a dark brown that only gets richer over time.


Finally, if you want a countertop that is both modern and exotic, you can’t find a better wood material than bamboo. Most commonly used for cutting boards, bamboo is also perfect for countertops because of its exciting appearance and high level resistance to wear and tear. Also, if you care about making your home environmentally friendly, bamboo is a completely renewable wood choice.

Install Wooden Countertops with Expert Help

If you’re having trouble picking the right material for the countertops in your home, then you might need a little expert advice. Install gorgeous wooden countertops in your home with the assistance of the professionals at Kitchen Solvers.

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