6 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can make the world of a difference when you have an existing bathroom that is too small or just not your style. If you’ve been planning on having this space remodeled, you might be wondering what the design process is like. Here are six bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid when putting together plans for a new bathroom so that you can have a perfect and flawless space.

1. Underutilizing Natural Light

When there is no source of natural light coming into the bathroom, it can create a dark and damp space that is miserable to spend any time in. During your bathroom remodel, have your professional contractors incorporate any existing windows you have into the design. You can also use opposing mirrors to reflect the light. Doing so will make the room brighter and seemingly larger, which can make the space more enjoyable.

2. Forgetting Storage Space

Though storage space isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when considering a bathroom remodel, forgetting to include ample room for additional toiletries can be an inconvenience later on down the road. Updated vanities, linen closets, and pullout cabinet drawers can all be huge space savers in these notoriously tiny rooms.

3. Labor and Material Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

If you choose to not hire a professional remodeling company to handle your bathroom upgrade, you might regret it later. Contractors will have the tools and knowledge they need in order to properly remodel your bathroom. They will also be able to supply you with the best materials, in whichever style you choose, which can really make a big difference on the final product of your bathroom.

4. Using Dark Colors

Unless you have a larger bathroom or just happen to like darker colors, when you choose to not use a light-colored pallet in your bathroom, it can make the space seem smaller. Everything from your walls to your flooring and cabinetry should be a lighter, neutral color. Not only will it make your room seem bigger, but it will keep your bathroom current throughout the years, and you might not have to change the space before listing your home to sell.

5. Choosing the Wrong Fixtures

It can be difficult to choose a shower, sink or even a toilet for your bathroom, as all of these fixtures are likely to eat up most of the space in your bathroom. If you do have a smaller bathroom, you can choose a narrow sink or low-profile toilet to save space. A curbless shower can also make the room seem bigger without sacrificing needed shower space and even make cleaning easier.

6. Overlooking Proper Ventilation

One of the biggest bathroom remodel mistakes is overlooking the need for proper ventilation. Without ventilation, your bathroom can be prone to mold and make the room uncomfortable to get ready in, as the hot steam from a shower has nowhere to go. When you work with a professional contractor, this shouldn’t be something that you have to worry over, as ventilation is likely a key component of their design.
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