6 Tips for Choosing a Paint Color for Your Kitchen

If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a makeover, adding a fresh coat of paint can be a great idea. Simply by changing the paint color of your kitchen, you can make it look like a completely new room, especially if you choose the right hue.

Before you repaint your kitchen, however, you’ll need to choose a new color, which can be more difficult than some people believe. Fortunately, if you follow the right tips, you should have no problem picking a color that will give your kitchen the brand-new look you want. Here is some advice for picking a kitchen paint color that you should keep in mind when you’re planning a remodel.

Choose a Color Based on the Mood You Want to Set

One of the things that many homeowners don’t realize is that different paint colors can set different moods. If you choose the wrong color for your kitchen, you will have a hard time enjoying spending time in the room because the mood will be off.

When you’re shopping for paint, keep in mind the mood that you want for your kitchen. For instance, if you want a relaxed feel for your kitchen that’s perfect for hosting, soft hues are the best choice. On the other hand, if you want your kitchen to feel open and vibrant, bright colors are an excellent option.

Match the Paint to Existing Decor

When you’re picking a paint scheme for your kitchen, it’s important that the color you choose doesn’t clash with the existing decor. If you’re making big updates to your kitchen such as installing new cabinets and appliances, you may want to wait until your kitchen is fully furnished because it will be hard to know how the room will look before the updates are finished.

If your kitchen is already furnished, make sure that you select a paint color that matches your current decor. Go to the hardware store and get a few paint samples. When you get home, compare the samples to the cabinets, counters, and appliances in your kitchen to see which option looks the best.

Consider the Lighting

Lighting is equally as important to the look and feel of your kitchen as the paint color on your walls. When you’re choosing a new paint color for your kitchen, you need to keep in mind how the color will look under both natural and artificial lighting.

You want to know exactly what the paint will look like under different kinds of light so that you can create the look that you want. For example, while a paint color may look great under lamplight, it could be less attractive with the sun shining on it.

Hardware stores will usually have something called a lightbox that will show you what a particular shade of paint looks like under different lighting conditions. Before you purchase any paint, test it using the lightbox to make sure that it’s going to look the way that you expect.

Consider the Flow

Depending on the way your home is laid out, it’s possible that there’s little to no separation between your kitchen and other rooms. If this is the case in your home, you need to be sure that the kitchen paint color you choose complements the existing paint scheme in neighboring rooms.

For example, if the walls in your kitchen flow into those of your dining room, you can paint your kitchen in a color that matches the other room or a color that is complementary. What you want to avoid is selecting a paint color that clashes with your home’s paint scheme — unless you’re ready to repaint multiple rooms instead of just the kitchen.

Start With a Paint Test

No one wants to paint an entire coat only to find that the color they’ve chosen doesn’t look the way that they want. To make sure that you don’t waste any time, money, or effort when remodeling your kitchen, you should plan a paint test to make sure that the color you’ve chosen will look great.

Performing a paint test is very simple. Just pick a corner of your kitchen and start painting a small section. Let the paint dry and then see how it looks. If you’re pleased, you can get started painting the rest of the room. If you don’t like how it looks, you can head back to the paint store to choose a new color. Homeowners who have scheduled a professional remodel should make sure that the company they’ve hired performs a paint test and waits for approval before painting the rest of the room.

The cardboard test is another way that you can check to see if your new paint color is going to fit into your home. Take a piece of plain white cardboard and have either you or your remodeling professional paint it entirely in the new color. Once dry, attach the painted cardboard to a wall in your kitchen. Once the cardboard is up, it should give you a strong visualization of what your kitchen will look like once it’s been completely painted.

Choose a Custom Color

If you like to express your personality in your home design, then the same old, same old paint colors that you find at the hardware store may seem unappealing. Fortunately, you can give your kitchen a fresh look that’s uniquely you by choosing a custom paint color.

You can easily mix two different paint colors to create a custom color that looks great in your home. For example, maybe you want your walls to match your backsplash, or maybe you have a custom kitchen table and you want your paint to complement the table’s look. Whatever your goals, your remodeling professional should help you pick a custom paint color that will look great while demonstrating your unique style preferences.

Get Started Remodeling Your Kitchen

As you can see, there are a lot of tips you can use to choose the perfect kitchen paint color. If you need help choosing a paint color and planning the rest of your remodel, the Kitchen Solvers team is ready, willing, and able to assist you.

And be sure to check out blogs, Choosing a Color Other than White for Your Kitchen or Finding the Right Kitchen Color for Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams for more information about choosing a kitchen pain color.  Kitchen Solvers is your No. 1 remodeling resource, and whether you’re planning a small project or want to completely remodel your kitchen, we can make the process easy. Visit one of our many locations today so that you can consult with our friendly professionals about your next project.

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