7 Hottest Kitchen Design Trends


As a design conscious homeowner, you want to make sure that your kitchen’s style is as modern and cutting edge as possible, particularly when you’re planning a remodel. However, because kitchen designs can change in the blink of an eye, it can sometimes feel impossible to stay ahead of the curve.

When you’re getting ready for your kitchen remodel, it can be helpful to learn about some of the hottest design trends so that you get the useful, eye catching design that you’re looking for. Learn about a few recent kitchen design trends that you should consider while planning your kitchen remodel and find out how to get help with your project.

Induction Cooktops

Although a lot can go into giving your kitchen the modern style that you’re looking for, one of the most surprisingly overlooked factors is your actual cooking apparatus. When preparing a meal in your kitchen, you want to make sure that you have the sleekest, most useful cooking tools at your disposal, which is why you should consider induction cooktops during your kitchen remodel.

There are several benefits to choosing an induction cooktops, but the two best reasons to install this tool in your kitchen is a subtle look and big time cooking efficiency. Installing cooktops can give you the perfect combination between form and function, which is one of the hallmarks of modern kitchen design.

Bright, Large Cabinets

When redesigning their kitchen, many homeowners place storage space at a premium, and if this is important to you, then one of the kitchen design trends that you should be aware of is large cabinets with a bright, enticing color.

Picking the right cabinetry for your kitchen can be a style statement as much as a storage choice, and there’s no better option than choosing cabinets in a bright color. White cabinets are particularly attractive, as they can open up your room and give a bold, modern feel that will impress anyone that see it. However, make sure that you pick the right cabinets for your kitchen, as you don’t want to make the room feel too crowded.

Unique Light Fixtures

If you’re planning to use your kitchen as your home’s gathering spot, then one of the most important decisions that you can make is in regards to your home’s lighting. Where most homeowners settle for typical lighting choices, you can make a statement by choosing unique fixtures that speak to your particular style.

For example, something as simple as a crystal light fixture can add a touch of refinement to an otherwise bland room, making your kitchen the perfect place to host your most important guests. If you’re looking to make a splash when it comes to kitchen design, make sure to pick attractive, one of a kind light fixtures.

Wooden Flooring

The flooring that you choose for your kitchen can make or break the room, which is why it’s vital that you pick a flooring option that provides both utility and a great aesthetic. Because some things never go out of style one of the hottest recent trends when it comes to kitchen design is wood flooring.

Wooden flooring comes with almost countless benefits. First, it feels great underfoot. Secondly, it has one of the most distinctive, enticing styles that there is. Finally, wooden flooring is extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for a high stress room like the kitchen. Install wooden flooring in your kitchen today and you’ll get big advantages that will last for years to come.

High Performance Faucets

During your kitchen remodel, you’ll most likely be choosing new faucets. While you could opt for the same old traditional faucets, a better idea is to choose the most functional, high tech options available.

To get the most bang for your buck when it comes to faucets, an overlooked option is to install industrial faucets. Not only do industrial faucets have a great look, they also provide the high level of performance that you deserve. Another good idea is to install a faucet with an auto-touch sensor, which helps to improve your kitchen’s level of cleanliness.

Changing up your kitchen’s faucets is a great way to completely overhaul your kitchen’s appearance at a minimal cost.


We’ve talked a little about kitchen storage in the form of cabinetry, but that’s not your only option for storage in this most important room. If you’re looking for kitchen storage that makes a big style statement, then you should seriously consider building a butler’s pantry.

Butler pantries are small add-ons that serve as a connecting point between your kitchen and dining room, providing you with increased serving ability and a superior level of storage space. Although it can be a little more time consuming than other kitchen remodeling options, installing a butler’s pantry can be a very worthwhile investment.

Updated Technology

Now is one of the most exciting times ever to update your home’s kitchen, especially when it comes to new technology. Kitchen technology has advanced to previously unimaginable levels, offering you the perfect opportunity to update the kitchen in your home to be as useful and modern as possible.

For example, if you’re interested in energy efficient cooking, then you could install a steam oven in your kitchen. Other advanced kitchen technology you should consider can include a smart fridge, a smart oven and a modern, energy efficient microwave.

Picking the right technology means transforming your kitchen so that it is as attractive and easy to use as you deserve.

Choose the Right Kitchen Design Trends with Help

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most exciting, beneficial home improvement projects that you can engage in, especially when you’ve chosen a few of the most popular kitchen design trends. With the right trends at your disposal, you can make sure that your kitchen is the most fun, enticing and utility based rooms in your home.

To get help choosing the right kitchen trends for you, you need to work with the expert team at Kitchen Solvers. Our experienced kitchen technicians can help you pick the right kitchen style points for your home that will help maximize the benefits of your project. Visit one of our locations today to get started with your important kitchen remodel.