7 Kitchen Remodeling Reasons to Motivate You to Update Your Home

The kitchen is the hub of activity and the center of the home for many families. This makes kitchen remodeling a major undertaking. When considering getting started, many homeowners drag their feet due to the inconvenience to the household and the expense. Yet, homeowners continue to find reasons to move forward with a remodel. Below are the top reasons that have gotten our clients to pick up the phone and give Kitchen Solvers a call.

1.  Increase Home Value

To make their property more marketable or to increase its value, many homeowners turn to kitchen remodeling. An outdated and boring kitchen will have nowhere near the appeal to prospective home buyers that an attractive and recently remodeled kitchen would. An array of factors, such as the current market prices and the degree of the remodel, will determine whether the homeowner will recoup the investment of the remodel. Of course, a remodel could be the difference between being able to sell or not.

2.  Financial Motivation

Energy saving rebates offered by vendors or government entities and other financial incentives are often the prime motivation behind kitchen remodeling. Financial incentives include remodeling grants, sales at home improvement centers, no- or low-interest loans, and cash rebates for trading in old appliances.

3.  One’s Lifestyle Changes

A previous owner of a home may have designed the kitchen layout, and it just does not work for the current owner. Maybe, the family wants to gather informally in the morning in the kitchen to grab a quick meal or enjoy coffee, and the dining room table does not look inviting, but a breakfast bar would be ideal. Arranging the room to best suit the family’s needs is a good motivator for kitchen remodeling.

4.  Creating a Chef’s Dream Kitchen

The main reason for a remodel may be the desire to create a dream kitchen if the homeowner considers himself a gourmet cook and likes to create fancy meals. The cook’s needs can be accommodated with a gourmet kitchen with the fanciest amenities.

5.  Television

Many homeowners turn to kitchen remodeling after watching countless home improvement shows on TV. The possibilities for their kitchen, never considered before, are revealed to them through a project on a home improvement program.

6.  Disability in a Family

To better accommodate the needs of family members with special needs, it is sometimes necessary to remodel a kitchen. A remodel can make a room more usable if someone in the family is no longer able to reach high cupboards or is in a wheelchair.

7.  Energy Efficiency

A bigger motivator more recently is the trend to make kitchens more environmentally friendly. For example, the need for artificial light can be reduced by adding skylights that let in more sunshine. Plus, less stress is placed on the environment and utility bills can be reduced with solar water heaters and energy efficient appliances.

Do any of the reasons above strike a chord with you? Contact Kitchen Solvers to find out how we can transform your kitchen in no time.  And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment before you start planning your kitchen remodeling project.

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