A Triangle vs. Workstation Kitchen Layout

If you have done any research on kitchen remodeling or design you’ve most likely heard of the term “work triangle”. This concept has been around since the 1940s when people were starting to be more intentional with home design and function. The idea of the kitchen work triangle is that your main elements are strategically placed in an equilateral triangle. The main elements being the fridge, cooktop, and sink. Ideally, they would be placed about 4-9 feet away from each other. This layout works great for a smaller kitchen or if there is typically only 1 cook in the kitchen at a time. However, kitchens these days are becoming more and more of a hosting space. With most homes having open-concept layouts between the great room/dining room/kitchen, the kitchen has become an area where guests can gather and either help prepare the meal or simply sit and watch the meal be prepared. With the increase of kitchen size and the need for additional space to entertain, the workstation layout has become more and more popular.  

In a kitchen designed around workstations, the space is divided into areas devoted to different types of activities. This allows the areas to be focused on one function so movement throughout the entire kitchen is minimized. Workstations are ideal for kitchens where multiple cooks are present often as it prevents stepping on one another’s toes as you prep meals. Here are some of the popular workstations you’ll see in modern kitchen design: 

Food Prep Workstation: 

Having multiple prep stations for multiple cooks will create a spacious kitchen where lots can get done at once. Having good counter space and landing areas between the refrigerator and the sink, or the sink and the range provides ample room to get ingredients around and ready to turn into delicious meals. 

Routine Appliance Workstation: 

If you’re a coffee/tea drinker or if you start each day with a fruit smoothie, it might be ideal to have an area of the kitchen dedicated to your coffee maker or blender. Situating this somewhere out of the way of food prep means these larger appliances won’t get in the way of the rest of the kitchen’s function. You can also strategically store your coffee mugs and glasses right next to this area so you have everything you need right there. 

Cleanup Workstation: 

Arguably the worst part of cooking is the cleanup. Make it go smoothly and quickly by creating a cleanup workstation. This workstation would have your sink, dishwasher, and trash can all right next to each other. This way you can keep your feet planted in one spot and cut off precious time from the cleanup process so you can get back to entertaining.  

Entertaining Workstation: 

Finally, but certainly not least, having an area in or adjacent to the kitchen that is dedicated to entertaining allows your guests to be with you as you prep. Large islands or peninsulas with seating are a good option or you could consider adding a dry/wet bar nearby so your guests can enjoy drinks and appetizers while you finish up the main course. 

Workstation kitchens are becoming the new norm in kitchen design. If you’d like help figuring out how to integrate this new design into your kitchen, give your local Kitchen Solvers franchise a call for a free consultation to get your kitchen remodel started today. You’ll be one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams before you know it!