Adding an Easy Color Pop to Your Kitchen!

Sticking with the same style for years can be boring. The kitchen is a space to challenge your creativity whether that’s experimenting with a new cookie recipe or hosting a themed dinner party with close friends. For a space which fosters a great deal of ingenuity, it would only make sense for your kitchen to have some color and quirkiness embedded in its design. If you are looking to add character or a twist to your current style, here are some easy ways of adding a color pop to your kitchen!

Open Shelving

Introducing open shelving into your space allows a homeowner’s kitchen necessities to transform into décor. Your dishware, bottles, vases, and plants perched on your shelves are now visible and can add a layer of dimension to one’s kitchen. It’s also a design technique which allows for lots of flexibility. Swapping a clear vase for a red bottle set easily changes the dynamic of the kitchen.

A Playful Rug

Implementing a rug into your kitchens design scheme opens the door to a huge variety of trends, designs, patterns, and colors. Whether you’re seeking a rug for function, design, or both, it will undoubtedly bring warmth to your space.


Tile and paint are not the only wall finish a kitchen can have. Wallpaper is a great alternative which can offer an abundance of colors, lively patterns, or textured prints. This playful option can be done to multiple walls or a single accent wall. With current advancements, wet-space-safe wallpapers are easy to come by and homeowners will find no shortage of patterns.

Accent Cabinetry (two-toned cabinets)

Accent cabinetry has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Many of our homeowners’ search for additional depth and character within their kitchens. Two-toned doors and drawers for a few of the kitchen cabinets give the room a playful edge while still maintaining sophistication and style. Accent cabinetry leaves room for versatility and uniqueness with its design. One can choose to do a row of upper cabinets or lower cabinets with a neutral look, a bolder hue, or two different neutral colors.

Colorful Island Barstools

A fun and not often thought of way to enhance your kitchens design is colorful island barstools. Whether it’s completely new chairs or new slipcovers/cushions this route is good for homeowners who are looking to introduce a bold color but might be hesitant to paste it across the kitchen walls.

Window Treat—curtains/shades

Lastly, having curtains or shades in your kitchen is a smart way to add a pattern or a color pop to your home. This option works well with any style whether that’s transitional, modern, or traditional. Utilizing your window treatment design can also be a great way to play up the natural light streaming through your windows.

Kitchens are the hub of any household. You want the place where you entertain family and friends to be lively and vibrant. Don’t let neutrals overtake your kitchen. Fall in love with your kitchen again by adding an easy pop of color to the space. A simple change in color design can completely transform your kitchen. Visit our Kitchen Solvers Blog to find more ways of how you can easily revamp your kitchen. At Kitchen Solvers, we want your beloved kitchen to be a space which embodies warmth and community.