Adding Space to Your Small Kitchen

If the kitchen in your home is on the smaller side, you might be thinking about ways to open up the room to better utilize your kitchen space. While some homeowners choose a full renovation to enlarge their small kitchen, this isn’t an option for everyone, either due to a lack of time, money or space in the home. Fortunately, if you want to make your small kitchen feel larger but don’t want to commit to a remodel, there are easy ways to get the job done.

Read some quick and simple tips for a small kitchen makeover that will make the room feel bright, open and welcoming at an affordable cost.

Choose a Mirrored Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the most important design features that a kitchen possesses, tying the room together and serving as a reflection of your specific style preferences. However, the backsplash is also the perfect tool for making your small kitchen feel much larger.

Instead of the standard tile or painted backsplash, you can use an old design trick and install a mirror. A mirrored backsplash can give your kitchen as sense of space without costing a lot of money. In addition, not many homes have mirrored backsplashes, which means your kitchen will have a unique appearance.

Update Your Shelving

One of the biggest spaces consumers need in a small kitchen is your storage tools. For example, if your kitchen has several cabinets, it can make the room feel tight and cramped. If you’re looking to increase the space in your small kitchen, your best solution is to tear out those bulky cabinets and install open shelving instead.

Open shelving provides you all of the storage versatility of cabinets while taking up much less space on your walls. Also, open shelves can make your kitchen feel a great deal larger, adding to their extreme utility.

Paint in Bright Colors

When you’re choosing the color of your kitchen, probably one of the last things on your mind is whether your paint color will make the room feel open or closed. However, choosing the right color is a great way to add the feeling of space to your kitchen without investing in a major remodeling project.

Instead of darker colors, which can make any room feel stuffy and closed off, you should choose a bright color for your kitchen. Bright pastels, for instance, can be a breath of fresh air, opening up your kitchen to the point that you won’t be able to resist spending more time in the room.

Plan a Small Kitchen Makeover

Just because the kitchen in your home is small, doesn’t mean it can’t feel big. As you now know, there are countless ways that you can improve the appearance of your small kitchen while making it feel twice as big. If you would like professional advice for your small kitchen makeover, then your best solution is to work with the design experts at Kitchen Solvers today.

When you work with Kitchen Solver professionals, your kitchen makeover project will be easier and more rewarding than you’d imagined. Drop by one of our locations today and talk with us about improving the space in your small kitchen.