Advantages vs Disadvantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing








Refacing Kitchen Cabinets has become a fashionable way to get brand new, fresh looking cabinets without the expenses of having them completely replaced. However, refacing cabinets is not a one size fit all approach for every kitchen and every person. Therefore, just like with any other home improvement plan, before renovation you must consider whether refacing cabinets in your kitchen is the best option for you. 

When you consider refacing your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that refacing is generally a less expensive alternative. Depending on the wood species, style and design of the doors and drawer fronts, potential cost savings can be as high as 50% when compared to tearing out and replacing with new. It isn’t uncommon for new kitchen cabinets to start at $20,000 or more depending on the design of the kitchen. Compared to refacing, this offers huge savings that will help you keep your cash in your pocket.  

Having said this, although the cost of refacing cabinets is less expensive, refacing allows you to replace your old kitchen cabinets with a brand new look. The quality is not affected by the lesser price, and refacing your cabinets provides an almost endless array of choices in wood species, styles, stain colors and finish options. 

But, one of the most important benefits of refacing is that the existing cabinets are reused. This minimizes the remodeling mess and allows your kitchen to remain functional during the installation process.  And most cabinet refacing projects take just a matter of 4  to 6 days to complete.  A major kitchen overhaul will take weeks.

In addition to this, many consumers today are looking for more environmentally friendly options when remodeling their kitchen. As compared to replacing cabinets, cabinet refacing is most definitely the more environmentally friendly choice.  Cabinet refacing uses far less wood, the cabinet framework is reused so you’re not adding bulk materials to the local landfill, and with cabinet refacing there’s less material waste.  

Other advantages to cabinet refacing include the flexibility to add new cabinet components, changing out your old countertop, and adding custom kitchen organizing and storage accessories.  About the only prerequisite to cabinet refacing is that your existing kitchen cabinets are structurally sound.