The Appeal of the Stainless Appliance

17-3_806453002Kitchen Metal – Stainless

Perhaps it is the siren song of a professional grade kitchen that speaks to our need for metal, but I have to say that we would be hard pressed to eliminate the appeal that stainless appliances bring to our designs.  Backsplashes, countertops, sinks, cabinet pulls, appliances, lighting—all can appear in our kitchen, totally unadorned, and work well with pretty much any styling option.

These days, the preferred choice is a stainless appliance package, or a mix of black glass and stainless on many appliances.  Utilizing under mount metal sinks is a possible option for composite or natural stone surfaces, and even in many cases, laminate surfaces.  Backsplashes can reference that professional kitchen with pressed stainless panels, accent metal shelves, or hanging metal assemblies against sleek glass tiles.  Metal works in traditional, eclectic or contemporary designs.

When isn’t stainless quite as welcome?  Choosing a traditional English oven cooker such as an Aga, or other European traditional units is one such situation.  These stunning pieces demand to become the focal point, and the distraction of other stainless or colored appliances is generally too strong to go up against these elegant ovens.  Available in a variety of colors and sizes, and perfect in the look of a traditional kitchen that is designed with loads of detail and character, a more subtle approach to dealing with appliances works well.

How to handle it?  Cabinetry panels for a totally custom look make for a seamless design.

Need more information before you decide?  Be sure to check out our Appliance Buying Guide for more information on saving energy and money when comparison shopping.