Appliance Decisions – Planning and Budgeting

19-3_166154399Planning For Appliances

Probably the least fun aspect of planning a new kitchen is making those appliance decisions and trying to figure out the budget.  Appliances are the easiest places to go ‘over budget’, spend too much, or compromise unnecessarily.  Understanding what you can do to control these ‘got-cha’s” will mean the difference between a project that gives you a headache and a result that you couldn’t appreciate more.


Appliance decisions are vitally important to decide upon before you go too far in trying to create a new space.  You need to know, and get pretty close to the type and variety of appliances you have decided you need to have to be able to actually design, and accurately price your project.  Decisions such as one, two, integrated with the stove top, separate from the stovetop, or wall ovens is a major decision. Microwave location, size and type—built in, over the stove, in a cabinet, as a drawer, all make a difference.  One or two fridges, dishwashers, specialty appliances all need a place to go if these items are a priority.  Get this wish list honed down to a” I like it and really want it” list—will help you quickly get on with the fun of how it all comes together into a beautiful, affordable, and functional project.