Beer On Tap In Your Home Bar


Micro-breweries fuel a new avenue for enjoying beer around your home bar

A growing trend is the beer enthusiast coming out of the garage and into the land of micro-breweries and sophisticated appreciation for the brew.   I am captivated and entertained as I listen to a micro brewer eloquently discuss the subtleties of the essence of the beer that has been created in front of me—and marvel as he recommends good cheese pairings.  These beer aficionados are as articulate and discerning as my wine friends when it comes to beer styles, beer subtleties, and just plain beer love.  In addition, it appears that a local micro-brewery is becoming as beloved as a local sports team—something to be followed, supported, and talked about.  Bottom line is that the beer enthusiast community is growing like hops in the sunshine.

Next logical step to this love of beer is dispensing the amber good stuff from your own home bar—and the ideal opportunity is to incorporate this hobby and entertaining specialty to your next remodeling project.  My own memories of college “keggers”, required nothing beyond an ice filled garbage can and a hat to pass in an effort to collect money to pay for the stuff on tap.  The in home bar options abound from a one and two keg refrigerator and dispenser set ups inset within counter space located in a kitchen or entertaining home bar, and integrated beautifully within a dedicated space for serving, including cabinetry, and perhaps accommodating a wine bar as well.  Counter dispensers for specialty sized bottles of brew, and any configuration of bar like areas—and the options are many– as primary spaces in the home, adjacent space to the interior or exterior kitchens.  Newly developing design specialty areas incorporate cabinetry and serving also in the newest theme space– the coveted “man cave”.

What is the trend here?  You have a hobby—love of beer for example—and there is a way to make that experience even more fun—in your own home bar.

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