Breakfast Nooks With Style and Functionality

16-2_335780449Breakfast nooks can host more than meals.  Consider letting your breakfast nook do double duty in your kitchen.

Breakfast Nook Idea #1

Carpentry and a little paint turns bench seats into space to store extra items like table linens, crafts, sewing supplies, or even that big pile of mending.

Breakfast Nook Idea #2

Incorporating a breakfast nook into your kitchen can serve as a relaxing place to read, listen to music, and do household or job related paperwork.  A nook also serves as a great place for the kids to do their homework.  Install comfy bench seats with pillows for reclining, and even consider installing speakers into the nook itself or the wall around it.  Kick back with a good read while enjoying your favorite songs.

Breakfast Nook Idea #3

Looking for more creative ideas?  You can take a blank wall above a built-in breakfast nook from ordinary to unforgettable with custom designed shelves.  Add sliding frosted glass doors to display your fine china or family heirlooms.  You can increase seating capacity by simply adding a stylish painted chair at the end of round, octagonal, or rectangular table.  If there’s a window in the breakfast nook, add some style with a unique place-setting, planter, or indoor herb garden.