Cabinet Refacing Crash Course: Everything You Need to Know About How and How Much






It’s finally that time. You’re considering a fresh, new look for the cabinets in your home. You know, those outdated ones in your bathroom and the ones in your kitchen that now don’t match your new tile floor and backsplash? Or maybe you have chosen to only refinish the cabinets in your home, because you know that not only will this add value, it will also change the entire room for the better and give your home the up-to-date look you’ve been wanting.

Are you looking around your home, knowing you are ready for a change, but feeling a little apprehensive on where you should start? Many people feel this way about home projects, particularly cabinet refacing. It can seem like quite a daunting task at first. On top of that, it’s hard to communicate your own wants and concerns to the contractor when you’re not even sure how the process actually works! The good news is that with just a quick and easy breakdown of the cabinet refacing process, cost and the budget saving options available- you will feel confident and happy to allow your contractor to get started and give your cabinets a whole new look!

Here are the 5 simple steps of cabinet refacing for you to keep in mind as you are making decisions and your contractor gets started:

  1. The best part about refacing your cabinets is that it is quick, convenient and less invasive than installing all new cabinets. The very first step in the process is to work with your contractor and confirm that your cabinets are good candidates for refacing. Your contractor will guide you through this process and confirm that the cabinets are strong and sturdy enough for cabinet refacing. Once your contractor has determined that your cabinets meet the criteria for refacing, they will then give you a complete explanation of their practices and procedures when working in your home. The initial meeting with a professional will give you peace of mind, reassurance and get you ready to begin!
  1. The contractor will now remove the drawers, hardware and doors from your existing cabinets. Hint: This is the part where you start to get excited about how fantastic your room is going to look in just a matter of days! Not to mention that you don’t have the hassle and mess that comes with tearing-out your cabinets completely.
  1. The next step in the cabinet refacing process is the actual refacing of the cabinetry expose cabinet face-frame. For example, Kitchen Solvers will use a 1/8 inch 3ply hardwood or 3/16 inch solid wood paneling.   The facing material is pinned and glued cabinetry to ensure permanent placement. This step in refacing cabinets can have 2 great benefits for you as a homeowner. Not only will the existing cabinets be finished to your specifications, in many cases the professionals will work to cover seams between the cabinets to give them an even more polished and seamless look.
  1. The fourth step in refacing is installing the custom-made doors and drawer fronts, high-grade self-closing hinges, and decorative handles. The doors and drawer fronts will match the face-frame perfectly. Keep in mind that with cabinet refacing the choices in styles, wood species, finish options, stain colors, and decorative hardware is almost endless. This is where you can allow the stylish designer in you to run free. Or perhaps you have hired a designer to help guide you when choosing the décor of your refaced cabinets. Now, your job is to sit back and let the professionals proceed with the necessary work to carry out your cabinet dreams!
  1. The fifth and final step in refacing the cabinets in your home is the absolute best part: your job is to enjoy the final product. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or any other room cabinets that have been refaced, enjoy your new space and the compliments you get from anyone that visits!

Another, and usually one of the most important parts of cabinet refacing that people want to know about, is cost. First of all, if you have ever been part of a renovation project that involves brand new cabinets, or even if you know someone who has- you’re aware of the inconvenience, mess, and costs that can be involve. The great news is that refacing your cabinets can not only give you the look and feel of brand new room, the cost of refacing is substantially less than replacing with new cabinetry. You can get the ‘million dollar look’ for less. For precise cost, your contractor will be able to go over all aspects of the project cost with you before they even get started. The experts at Kitchen Solvers have a proven track record giving customers the quality cabinet refacing service they expect, while also helping to keep clients on track with a budget they are comfortable with.

As well as asking the experts about cost, you can also go into the project with a little knowledge advantage of your own. It is important to remember that the decisions you make can have varying affects on the price. For example, the use of thermofoil doors rather than solid wood doors can save you money while still leaving your cabinets looking spectacular and brand new. An additional plus and cost saving aspect of refacing is that you can choose whether or not you’d like to replace your countertops at the same time or at another point down the road. Refacing your cabinet does not mean that you will also need to replace your countertops. There are 2 quick tips to keep in your back pocket when making the decision to reface the cabinets in your home.

There are many reasons why cabinet refacing can be the right idea for updating and refreshing the look in your home. And once you decide that refacing is the right decision for you, having an idea of the process involved and a few cost-saving strategies will help to ease your mind and the strain on your wallet. For more tips at sticking to your budget when refacing your cabinets, check out these tips in our article Three Cabinet Refacing Strategies that Save Money and Resources.