Caring for the Doors in Your Home

Your goal as a homeowner should be keeping your home looking as shipshape as possible, including important features such as your doors. Depending on the material your doors of made from, cleaning may not be as straightforward as you might imagine, and if you don’t clean your doors in the right way, you may end up doing more harm than good.

If you want to keep your doors looking good for years to come, it’s important to learn a few easy and effective cleaning tips. Here is some advice for caring for your doors that will help you protect them from harm and keep them looking brand-new for years to come.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are very attractive and can be found in virtually every home in the country. Fortunately, wooden doors are extremely easy to care for, as they are extremely durable and resistant to most forms of damage. In general, the only maintenance that you need to do is to dampen a cloth, wipe down your doors, and then dry them off to prevent long-term moisture damages.

While your wooden doors only need minor cleaning, there are some issues that you should watch out for to keep your doors looking their best. For example, if there is any soil, oil or grease on your door, you should clean it off as soon as possible. Clean these items with a little bit of water and some mild soap, and then rinse them off with damp cloth. As always, you should dry your door thoroughly.

If any liquid gets on your door, wipe it up immediately. When your wooden door is exposed to moisture for too long, it can discolor your door or damage its finish. Never use chemical cleaners or detergents on your doors, and avoid abrasive cloths.

Thermofoil Care

Thermofoil doors are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners that want a highly attractive door that will last for years to come. The great thing about thermofoil doors is that they are resistant to chipping and require very little regular maintenance. Thermofoil is also resistant to staining, meaning the appearance of your door should last well into the future.

Although thermofoil is extremely durable, you need to be certain that you’re cleaning your door the right way to maintain its high-quality look. The best way to clean your thermofoil doors is to wipe them down with a cotton cloth or soft sponge. Mix up some water with some mild dish soap, dampen your cloth, and then gently wipe down your door. If you need to clean a stain off of your door, use a gentle cleaning solution designed for stain removal. There are many green cleaning products that can effectively remove stains without damaging your thermofoil door.

Acrylic Door Maintenance

Acrylic is another finishing material that you may find on the doors in your home. Like most door materials, acrylic isn’t all that hard to clean as long as you know the correct steps. One of your biggest goals in maintaining your acrylic door is reducing static electricity, which can attract dust to your door, interfering with its appearance. To prevent static electricity and protect your acrylic door from dust, you should only clean your door with a dry cloth.

In addition to periodically wiping down your door with a dry cloth, you may want occasionally to clean your door with a few drops of mild soap in some warm water. When cleaning your door with this solution, you should never use a paper towel, as this may scratch the acrylic. With this mild cleaning solution and the right cloth, you can easily clean dirt and dust from your acrylic door without increasing static electricity.

As you can tell, acrylic doors are fairly sensitive, which means there are a variety of materials that you avoid using on your door. Cleaners containing acetone and paint thinners, for example, should never be used on your acrylic. Rubbing alcohol is another item that can seriously damage your acrylic door. Always read the ingredients before using a cleaning a solution on your door so you can be sure that you won’t cause any damage.

Thermally Fused Laminate

If your doors are made out of thermally fused laminate (TFL), you need to be certain that you are both cleaning your doors carefully and that you have them positioned in the correct location in your home. TFL is very sensitive to sunlight, so you should not install these doors in an area of your home where constant sunlight exposure is a possibility.

Like most of the previously mentioned door materials, the best way to clean your TFL doors is with mild household soap and warm water. Make sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth. With these materials, you should be easily able to remove most stains from your doors. Never use bathroom cleaners on TFL, and be certain to wipe off the soapy water with plain warm water.

It’s important that your TFL doors never come in contact with abrasive or sharp objects. TFL doors are designed to be somewhat scratch resistant, but can still be damaged when exposed to rough materials. Lastly, make sure your TFL doors are never in extreme heat. Long-term heat exposure is likely to harm your doors. Because TFL is vulnerable to both heat and sunlight, it should only be used for interior doors.

Stained Doors

For doors with any kind of staining, regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your doors looking exceptional, particularly if they’re exterior doors. Periodically, you should add a wood finish protectant to your door to protect your staining. You should also be sure that you’re working to keep dirt from building up on your door. When dirt builds up on your stained door, it can rub off the coat and expose your door to moisture damage.

If your stained door is constantly exposed to sunlight, it will probably need to be re-stained at least once a year. Use a mixture of warm soap and water when you want to clean your stained door.

Help with Door Care

If you need any help caring for your doors, or if you’re interested in installing new doors in your home, the Kitchen Solvers team is here for you. We are your home renovation experts, and can give you help with whatever project you have in mind. In addition to helping you install attractive doors, we can give you advice for caring for your doors so that they always look great. And be sure to check out our blog, Tips for Caring for Your Cabinets for more information on the proper way to care for your cabinets.

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