Choosing a Bathtub for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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In most homes, the bathtub was that big porcelain thing that you hid behind a pretty shower curtain. Tubs are not exactly the show stopper in a modern bathroom, but more and more homeowners are moving away from tucking their tub into the corner. Your bathtub is the largest element to your bathroom and one of the most used—why not make it a star in your space? In the past, the look of a bathroom revolved around the tub, and they were more beautiful for it. When you decide to update your bathroom, choose a tub that really fits your character to spice up the space. If you do not know where to start as far as finding the right style, keep reading. Here are some great tips for choosing a bathtub for your bathroom.

The Bathtub and Shower Combo

Okay, a stand-alone tub is not right or practical for everyone. Some bathrooms are too small to separate the two, while others simply prefer the single element rather than splitting the shower and bath. With either option, your bathroom can still look very modern. There are several combination showers and tubs that are stunning. You can dress up your tub by choosing a beautiful tile backsplash or a modern shower head fixture. Adding a tile design around the exterior of your tub is also a great way to take your shower, tub combo from boring to fabulous.

The Modern Spa

This is one of the more popular designs that homeowners are choosing to complete their bathroom remodel. The modern spa consists of a simple and streamlined porcelain tub that is as relaxing on the eyes as it is for the body. This style of tub is perfect for those who are seeking to create their own personal oasis.

The Detailed Soaker

For some, style is all about the details. When you choose a large soaking tub, it is already the loudest element in the room. Adding detailing to embrace the tub will make your bathroom beautiful. Wrap your tub with a wooden cover or use tiles to make an interesting motif. These tubs are perfect for homeowners who love a long, relaxing bath at the end of the day, or those who decorate with country flair.

Dare to Be Different

You do not have to choose a white tub, or even a round tub—there are so many options that allow you to dare to be different. If you want an edgy vintage bathroom, find a beautiful clawfoot tub that embraces a darker color. Perhaps a square tub would fit better in your space- those are available, too. Do not settle for normal if your dream bathroom is anything but.

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