Choosing Kitchen Countertops

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Evaluating Types and Materials

Choosing kitchen countertops is one of the most important elements of your kitchen remodeling project. Choosing kitchen countertops that are functional as well as beautiful is critical. Kitchen countertops are made from many different types of materials and you will have no limit on options that you could consider. For that reason, you may even feel a little overwhelmed by your choices. The best thing to do is learn about your countertop options and then you should have no problem at choosing the right materials. Here is your guide to evaluating the different types of kitchen countertops and materials you could consider.


Of course, choosing kitchen countertops made of laminate would be the very basic. Laminate countertops do not cost very much money and they can be available in a number of different colors. Laminate is easy to clean but can easily be damaged by heat and scratches. Choosing laminate may be a good option if you just want something basic.

Solid Surfaces

Choosing kitchen countertops made of solid surface material is a good option if you want something that looks luxurious but is not as costly. Solid surface kitchen countertops are made from a type of acrylic mixed with stone to give a stain resistant and colorful option. The downside is that solid surface countertops are not heat resistant.


Choosing kitchen countertops made from concrete is one of the newest in luxury options. These countertops are made with pigments to give rich color and are smoothed to a soft shine. Concrete countertops are very hard so they are heat and scratch resistant. However, they will need to be cleaned carefully to avoid staining.


Stone is one of the most favored types of kitchen countertops in luxury kitchens. Stone counters are available in a number of natural looks. The stone is quarried and cut from such materials as granite, soapstone, marble, lava stone, etc. Choosing kitchen countertops made of stone will be unique and no one else will have the same piece of stone. Stone counters are also resistant to heat, but not scratch resistant.


Metal is the most interesting of the countertop types. Available in such metals as zinc, copper, and stainless steel, these kitchen countertops are extremely durable and easy to match for décor. In addition, metal is hard to stain and heatproof. However, metal countertops scratch more easily.

Ultimately, when choosing kitchen countertops, the best thing to do is consider the advantages and disadvantages and then think about the look you want in your kitchen. Then you can choose the kitchen countertops that provide the advantages that matter most to you.

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