Convert Your Wire Shelf Closet into a Pantry

A pantry is one of the most beneficial features that you could have in your kitchen. Unfortunately, finding the space for a pantry can be difficult, limiting your storage options. However, if your kitchen has a closet with wire shelves, you can easily transform this area into the pantry of your dreams.

Once you’ve created a kitchen pantry, you’ll have a convenient space that will allow you to store the ingredients that you need to cook a world-class meal. Here are a few tips for creating a kitchen pantry out of your wire shelf closet and information about the benefits of using roll outs in your kitchen.

Using Rollouts for Your Pantry

While you could use the existing wire shelves in your kitchen closet for storage, a much better solution is replacing those wire shelves with roll outs. This can be done very easily, and will drastically improve the utility of your kitchen.

When you replace your traditional wire shelves with roll outs, you’ll have quick and easy access to your most frequently used ingredients and other foodstuffs. This means no more digging around for ingredients when you’re trying to create a meal for your friends and family. In addition, you should be able to store a larger number of items than you would with regular wire shelving.

Options for Roll Outs

Now that you know that the best solution for creating a kitchen pantry is replacing your wire shelves with roll outs, it’s a good idea to learn about a few of your roll out options.

First, you will need to choose your style of roll out. Your options include sloping side roll outs, low side roll outs, and high side roll outs. All three of these options have their distinct advantages, but your best choice for a pantry is sloping side roll outs, which will allow to store items of different sizes while still being able to see to the back of your roll out.

Second, you will need to choose how your roll out will open. For most people, roller slides are a good choice, as they can be installed very quickly and offer a variety of mounting options. If you want fuller access to your roll out, then it’s a good idea to choose ball-bearing slides instead. With ball-bearing slides, your roll outs will be able to completely extend, and they can also hold heavier items without risk of breaking.

If you’re not sure exactly what options are right for your roll out pantry, it’s a good idea to consult with kitchen remodeling professionals.

Create Your Kitchen Pantry

If you’ve always wanted a pantry in your kitchen and have a wire shelf closet, now is the perfect time to turn your pantry dreams into a reality. While you could remodel your closet yourself, the best solution for creating a kitchen pantry is working with Kitchen Solvers.

Kitchen Solvers is the number one resource for homeowners interested in remodeling your kitchen. Our professionals can quickly help you replace your wire shelves with roll outs so that you’ll finally have the pantry that you need. Stop by one of our locations today.