Countertop Choices For The Moderate Remodel

16-4_1381803120Change out that countertop!

A new countertop to go with that new cabinetry look is a smart way to quickly upgrade your own enjoyment, appeal, and performance of your freshened kitchen space.  Investigate your options to find your perfect fit.

Countertop Choices #1 – Laminate:

Laminate options can include under mount sinks, and with a variety of edges available, provide a very nice option when considering going easy on the budget.

Countertop Choices #2 – Sold Surface:

Beautiful new innovations in solid surface and hard surface composites are warmly capturing the beauty of exotic stones but with much more predictability in results.  Check out Cambria USA, or Corian USA to become inspired.  Costs vary between the options depending on the selection and edge profile, but with your kitchen layout, it is easy to have a firm quote in hand before proceeding.

Countertop Choices #3 – Granite:

Granite is a classic choice, and the options are almost unlimited—except by your own willingness to confirm that special slab before proceeding.  It is never a good idea to pick out any granite from a small sample piece.  Depending on how old that granite sample is, the current availability of the slabs may have a surprisingly different appearance.  Always take the time to select your granite top from the actual slab you have seen and will be using.  Only this way will you be able to truly understand the various shading and patterning that you desire.   The trip is worth it!

Ultimately, when choosing your kitchen countertop choices, the best thing to do is consider the advantages and disadvantages and then think about the look you want in your kitchen. See Evaluating Types and Materials – Then you can choose the kitchen countertop that provides the advantages that matter most to you.