Custom Cabinets Are Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

10-3_982936082Custom cabinetry used to be only for the lucky.  Luckily these days, there are plenty of ways to achieve a beautifully high end, functional, and personalized and affordable new kitchen for your room through custom cabinets.

Make the cabinetry design fit how you live—and make it beautiful too!

I have been in so many situations where opposing sides are drawn and the conversation devolves into a  “beauty versus function” challenge.  Perhaps that is the human condition—two sorts of species that look upon the world as one or the other (and I am not referring to gender here at all!), either analytical engineering types, or it’s all about looks types.  I don’t see the world divided this way, but I can bet you have met those that do.

Let me reassure you, great custom cabinets do both—appeal to the best that design and engineering can offer in performance, and also speak to the artistic side that enjoys beauty.  Without marrying the two sides, your beautiful kitchen will be wasted without the necessary functional elements, and with only function, will not appeal and support your creative side.  And what could be more creative than cooking?

A beautiful new kitchen for your home is highly likely because these days, custom cabinets have become more of the norm than in the past.  Custom cabinets can be achieved easily with the ease of sophisticated machinery to cut exactly the sizes required, and the fittings to ensure a custom cabinetry fit and finish.   Of course it isn’t all about the machinery, it is also an art of combining the talent of vision, with the talent of design, manufacturing, and installing custom cabinetry.  Combine these skills with a stylistic choice of a beautiful door finish, a new custom countertop, paint, and accents that put  attention to detail the forefront by combining beauty and function, and you get a kitchen that one associates with custom cabinetry.

Choose something just a bit extraordinary in cabinetry doors on your customized cabinetry.

Just in the past 10 years in kitchen design and custom cabinetry production, one is able to achieve a highly customized cabinetry package with less investment and more consistency and inner functioning features that tend to make cooking a true joy.

Pay attention to details while remodeling—your custom cabinets depend upon it!  What I mean by this is that the detail of grain direction in wood doors is one such way.  The technical aspect of the design is also critical for a great result–allowing for often out of square walls and floors, door clearances in tight spots, knowing the specifics of your chosen appliances—considering molding heights and returns in relationship to windows and doors.  All are design ‘gotchas’ that diminish the final custom cabinetry fit that is required if neglected.

Make sure you consider the inner workings of the cabinet—custom cabinetry inserts that divide, organize, and conquer the potential chaos of managing all that stuff in the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid of breaking out of the box in kitchen design—and communicating your vision of beautiful custom cabinets.

By “breaking out of the box”, your custom cabinets could be reworked to better fit your need instead of a complete “junk and replace” plan.  Your thinking could “break out” as well by really asking yourself if you need as much counter space as you have, changing out appliance types and sizes, and perhaps a better arrangement could be achieved with larger full height storage and less standard wall over base cabinet storage, or by including a great island or peninsula configuration you haven’t ever seen before.

I am a big believer in knowing what you like and what you want, and often that is communicated to a designer or cabinetry remodeler via collected photos to illustrate one’s preferences.  This is a terrific first step in analyzing and communicating what you want.  The trick is interpretation, you may be showing your designer or remodeler a white cabinet, but what you really like is the combination of elements and you might just be reacting to a level of light or darkness, such as the warm light pouring in to the room through a lovely window, not a specific cabinet style or layout.  Check out specific features that speak to you, and make sure you communicate the priorities in your goals for your new custom cabinetry layout and detailing.    The art of design is translating the feeling of what you want into your own specific space, your own way, and retaining that feeling, while making it function for you specifically.  Yes, it can be done through an artful design, good interpretive skills, and custom cabinetry that works just for you.

I think any kitchen remodel can utilize cabinets in such a way as to make them custom for you—and it really has nothing to do with the actual size of your kitchen.  You may decide, for reasons of budget, or a sense of not wasting what you have, to consider a complete remodel that includes a total customization of existing cabinets along with supplementing new cabinets.  You could also decide that by adding new cabinets and changing the layout enough to make it truly custom for you is a possibility.  Whatever you do, make them beautiful in fit, finish, and style.  Customize the interiors to make them function in ways you have never enjoyed before—just remember your most annoying kitchen storage challenge and you will find a solution.  But consider a whole new way of doing something—and customize the cabinets to reflect that creativity.

And be sure to research Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs – Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Project Under Control if you do plan to remodel your kitchen with custom cabinets.

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