Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Really Better than Stock Cabinets?


Custom kitchen cabinets are specifically designed to meet the space specs of your kitchen. They are generally well worth the longer waiting period between receiving and placing your order and the extra costs compared to stock cabinets. They hold up longer and look better than other cabinet options, since they are fabricated by experienced cabinetmakers, such as Kitchen Solvers, using the best materials and methods. 

Differences between Stock and Custom

There is a huge difference between these two types of cabinets. Most stock cabinets are made of inferior materials that fall apart quickly, usually are not manufactured very well in the first place, and they wear faster. Companies that make stock cabinets want to get generic products to customers as quickly as possible by mass producing cheap products at a breakneck pace.

Most stock cabinets present a number of problems, since they are made of particle board materials and covered with imitation plastic wood or veneer. With use, particle board flakes. This causes the veneer to come loose as the subsurface degrades. Particle board is known for coming apart easily. On top of that, shelving bows under the weight of dishes and fasteners tend to pull out of this less dense material. It is important to ask yourself if saving a few bucks is worth the risk of damaging some of your most fragile and prized possessions.

Eliminating the hassles that come with cheaper materials, such as sagging, eventual degradation, and flaking, custom kitchen cabinets are almost always made of solid hardwood. It becomes even clearer that custom cabinets are the way to go when you consider the natural beauty of properly stained hardwoods.

When Size Matters

To optimize the space in which they are installed, custom kitchen cabinets are made to fit your kitchen precisely. Stock cabinets simply cannot provide the optimal space usage that a set of cabinets can provide, since they are prefabricated. Custom cabinets can be built deeper than stock cabinets due to the integrity of the materials. They can also be built to fit the specific design demands of your kitchen, including those hard to fit corners. Making the most of the space you have available to you is the whole goal of installing a set of cabinets. Custom cabinets do this best.

Installation Help

With custom cabinetry, you have experts doing the installation for you. This is a huge advantage. Stock cabinets are typically done by those who are looking to do a project on their own. Considering the demands you put on your kitchen cabinets, this is a risky decision. To ensure the longest lifespan possible, skilled professional remodelers will mount your custom cabinets properly.

From the construction of your custom cabinets to their installation, you are not just purchasing cabinets, you are buying the expertise of a professional cabinetry company, such as Kitchen Solvers. Sure, this cost is a bit more than stock cabinets, but your custom cabinets will last you longer and look better.

Remember: when you buy cabinets, you get what you pay for.