DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

Cluttered kitchens can create chaos and confusion. Your kitchen should be a space where creativity is cultivated, and conversations can freely flow. The routine hustle and bustle from our daily lives makes it difficult to maintain a clean and organized kitchen. To help our busy homeowners preserve their pristine kitchens, we have made a list of DIY storage ideas which will de-clutter your kitchen in creative and efficient ways.

Use Cute Mason Jars or Fun Vases to Hold Kitchen Utensils

Don’t underestimate the power mason jars and fun vases possess. Not only can these containers easily organize your cooking utensils, but they are also very aesthetically pleasing and pair well with any kitchen design scheme.

 Let Produce Soar in Baskets

Efficiently using open counterspace is a great way keep your kitchen clean and organized. Using small baskets or tiered baskets to hold your produce optimizes highly sought-after space. Whether you want a woven or a wired tiered basket, do not miss out on the opportunity to let your food fly.

 Add a Wire Rack to the Fridge

Wire storage solutions are a thing of wonder. If your fridge is looking untidy and chaotic, installing a wire rack is an easy and cheap option to bring some order in your appliance. Adding one or a few more layers of shelving in your fridge can provide all the difference in keeping it clean.

Hang Cooking Utensils and Pans on a Pegboard, Wire Board, or decorative wall

Not only does hanging your pans and utensils on a board add some character to your kitchen, but it also creates easy access when cooking. We suggest hanging it above your stove or sink for optimal convenience to your cooking utensils, rags, shopping lists and more.

Spice Rack with Labels

Spending minutes scouring the kitchen cupboard for cumin is precious time wasted. With this quick storage solution, the time you spend searching for your desired spice will be cut to almost 0. Labeling your spices along with implementing a creative spice rack will save you both time and hassles.

Organize your Pantry with Labels and Jars

Pantry’s should be easy to navigate and high functioning. The days of hopelessly rummaging through your pantry are over. With endless ideas for new designs and organizational hacks, pantry’s offer lots of room for creativity. Just simply labeling and storing your cooking and baking essentials in jars pulls your pantry together producing a cohesive look.

Making sure your kitchen continues to take your breath away is part of our job at Kitchen Solvers. When we design new kitchen remodels or plan for a cabinet refacing job, we always consider storage and incorporate options to make your kitchen function more efficiently. Whether you need storage solutions, an upgraded kitchen with cabinet refacing, or want to start from scratch with a whole new kitchen remodel, we will provide you with the most pleasant remodeling experience.