Do I Install a Double Oven?

A double oven might seem like the pinnacle of luxury as you start dreaming of your new kitchen. However, depending on how you use your kitchen, it may or may not be the best fit for you. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of choosing a double oven so you can decide if it is the right choice for you and your kitchen remodel. 

Benefit – Synchronized Cooking 

The main thing that probably attracts you to the idea of a double oven is the ability to cook multiple things at once. Whether you are preparing for a regular Tuesday night meal for your family or planning a large get-together with friends, being able to roast meat or veggies in one oven and bake a pie in the other is a huge benefit. Being able to have both ovens running simultaneously but set to different cooking techniques and temperatures is a game changer. It can save you a huge amount of time and also prevents dishes with strong, opposing flavors from commingling. No one wants a pie that tastes like broccoli. 

Benefit – Quicker 

A double oven is more efficient because each oven is smaller than a normal full-size oven. This means that it is easier and quicker to preheat and maintain the temperature which can cut down on overall prep time for your meals. Like any appliance, with proper maintenance, a double oven will last for years to come and make each meal or special occasion a little less time consuming and stressful. 

Benefit – More Cooking Space 

While you can fit one or two dishes side by side or on separate oven racks in a standard oven, having a double oven may give you enough room to prepare even larger meals. You can usually fit two or three dishes in each oven so you can double your capacity. Typically, double ovens have two different sized cooking spaces—one smaller with a single oven rack and one larger with two oven racks. This gives you multiple different options for arranging dishes as you prepare your meals between both cooking spaces. 

Disadvantage – Smaller Space Overall 

Although you are increasing your overall cooking space, you are saying goodbye to the advantages that come with having one large cooking space. For instance, if you plan to host Thanksgiving, you most likely would not be able to cook a turkey that is larger than 20 pounds. This might be a deal breaker for you if you host extended family or if your family just enjoys having a larger bird and all the leftovers that come with it. 

Disadvantage – Less Storage Space 

Typically, single ovens have a small storage drawer below them that is great for storing large pans or cookie sheets. This extra storage can keep your other kitchen cabinets less cluttered and allow you to have your oven-safe cookware within arm’s reach. Other single ovens use the space below the oven for a warming drawer which means you can keep dishes warm as you continue to cook the rest of the meal. Of course, you can also warm dishes in the smaller oven of a double oven if you need to, but losing out on that storage space can be a big deal if you don’t have another place to put the pieces you keep there. 

Disadvantage – Energy Efficient 

If you are only using one of the oven units per day, your average energy use will be significantly less. However, if you find yourself using both units regularly your energy costs will most likely exceed the cost of running a single oven. The difference may be small after you take into account the amount of time you are saving, but nevertheless, it is something to think about.   

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when you are deciding between a single or double oven. We should also mention, there are two main types of double ovens. There are double oven ranges that include two ovens in the space of a normal 30-inch range. This type of double oven is easy to install in any kitchen and has one smaller and one larger oven compartment with the lower one being pretty low to the ground. The other type of double oven is a double wall oven which are built-in appliances that require professional installation and you’ll need to consider the layout of your new cabinets to accommodate one. These types of double ovens are typically more expensive, but are a great asset to a kitchen and are installed at a convenient easy-to-reach height. 

Hopefully this information can help you think through your kitchen remodel and how you currently use your kitchen to help you decide if a double oven is the right fit for you. If you have further questions or want to see what your kitchen might look like with a double oven, reach out to your local Kitchen Solvers for a free in-home consultation to start dreaming.