Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Kitchen

When planning a kitchen remodel it’s easy to get caught up in the function of the room. Since you spend so much time in your kitchen, when you sit down to remodel it your first thoughts will be how to make it work more efficiently for you. This is where a kitchen designer like the ones at Kitchen Solvers can really help you think through how you use your kitchen and what pain points you might have. They’ll help you think of solutions to all your problems and help design a kitchen layout that works for you.

Beyond the function of the space though, it is important to create a beautiful, warm, inviting, and unique space. Ultimately, it should be a place you enjoy being and that you want to show off to your friends and guests. It’s important to think about how you’ll add character and personality to your new space. How will you make it your own and make it feel like your family? Here are just a few ways you can consider adding character to your kitchen:

Wood Elements

All-white kitchens are a staple in kitchen design right now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. However, choosing all white everything can quickly look sterile and boring. Consider adding some wood elements into the space to add warmth and depth. Gone are the days of having to match all the wood stains and types in a space too. Feel free to mix multiple wood tones in the space. Maybe instead of white cabinetry on the island you opt for a white pine or even a dark walnut. This will become the focal point of the space and add warmth and color to make sure the space doesn’t become too monotone. If you are married to the all-white cabinetry idea, consider painting one of the walls a darker color or adding a fun wood accent wall with shiplap or wooden slats.

Fun Lighting

The main goal of your lighting in the kitchen should be to light your workspaces. This can be done best with can or task lighting above your most used spaces. However, adding additional lighting fixtures that add visual interest and decorative elements to your space can make a huge difference. Add a chandelier above your eat-in kitchen for extra flair. Or consider adding hanging pendants or lanterns above your island to create more of a wow factor. Also, adding underlit cabinets can instantly make the space feel warm, cozy, and charming.


Wallpaper is making a comeback! We have been seeing more and more homes add wallpaper to accent walls or even to entire rooms. Wallpaper is an easy way to add trendy character and life into your cooking space. With so many different options, you can really go any direction you want with it. Choose from brick or stone-inspired wallpapers. Or go bolder with a colorful floral pattern. You can find designs that are big and bold, or even small and dainty. The options are practically limitless so you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

Open Shelving

Another easy way to add character and depth to your space is by adding open shelving in some areas. This breaks up the upper cabinetry and adds visual appeal. Floating shelves are a popular modern look and can be decorated with lots of color by adding fun cups, mugs, plates, bowls, or plants too! This is where you can get really creative and swap out some of those decorative pieces with the seasons. This allows your personality to shine through and your space will feel different with each little change you make.

We hope these ideas got your creative juices flowing and you have a better understanding of how to add character and personality to your space. If you’re just looking to add some flair via a simple DIY, these are some great options. Or if you’re ready to dive into a kitchen remodel we’d be happy to chat with you about your options and how we can help you along the way. Reach out to your local Kitchen Solvers today to get a free in-home consultation scheduled!