Essential Elements of a Modern Kitchen

When you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, one of the most important decisions is choosing a style. Kitchens can embody a wide variety of themes, and they all have certain advantages and disadvantages. Even apart from functionality, the aesthetic of a certain style can be a dream for some people and a nightmare for others. If you’re looking to craft a modern kitchen design, however, there are a few central factors you won’t want to go without. Here are the essential elements of a modern kitchen.

Flat Panels and Frameless Design

Cabinets and doors are among the most prominent features of any kitchen. How you set up your cabinets will speak volumes about your kitchen as a whole, and if you want it to scream modernity, you’ll need a frameless design with flat panels. Modern kitchens are defined by a sleek aesthetic with rigid corners. That means a flush-inset cabinet wouldn’t really fit. Instead, you’ll need frameless cabinets and slab-door style throughout. Ideally, the face frame won’t be visible at all.

Simplicity in Decor

Modern kitchens don’t really work all that well with various knickknacks and obtrusive decor. Everything should be designed to be efficient and purposeful. Because of this, you won’t find much ornamentation in modern kitchens. The lighting often consists of circular lights housed within the ceiling, while the flooring is typically a single simple tile or hardwood color without garish designs. Even the backsplash is typically just a single color without any designs. Sometimes, the backsplash may just be full-height glass. Similarly, the countertops won’t have excessive veining or patterns.

Reliance on Natural Materials

While the decor can implement some ornamentation if you like, the real allure of a modern kitchen is based on its use of natural materials. For example, the rectangular patterns of a natural hardwood floor are enough to not need tiled designs. Similarly, the sleek and rigid cabinets can be downright gorgeous when they display the breathtaking horizontal grain of quality oak. Any kind of material can be impactful, however, provided it meshes well with the other materials used in the design.

Emphasis on Horizontal Lines

If you wanted to draw a picture of your dream, modern-style kitchen, you would be dragging your pencil from left to right repeatedly in the draft. Horizontal lines are essential for any modern kitchen design, as they add a sense of efficient uniformity to the overall layout. It’s common for every drawer across a single row to be of the same size, and even the backsplash is typically designed with horizontal lines in mind. For example, arranging a backsplash with evenly spaced rectangular tiles rather than brick layered tiles will automatically make it look more modern. Some designers will even arrange wood grain horizontally to match.

Design Your Modern Kitchen With Kitchen Solvers

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