Everything You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets are the cornerstone of your entire kitchen design. Not only are they the most prominent aspect of your aesthetic, but they also serve as valuable bones for the rest of your kitchen features, including countertops. Certain countertop materials are heavier and need sturdier cabinets to support them.

Once you have what you want in place, you can upgrade your cabinets without having to replace them entirely. This is known as refacing, and it’s much simpler and more affordable than replacing your cabinets outright. Here’s everything you need to know about cabinet refacing.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Put simply, cabinet refacing is the process of replacing your doors and drawer fronts with new frames and fronts to improve quality, functionality, and appearance. This includes all the handles and hinges as well. Quite a few different options are available for refacing, and as long as your cabinet boxes are sturdy enough and haven’t suffered any significant damage, refacing is not only possible but easy.

For the most part, the refacing process consists of removing the old pieces and installing the new. No cabinets ever need to come out of your wall as all the work will be done on the cabinet boxes you already have. Refacing can also include the addition of extra shelves or other add-ons that can change the function of a cabinet or drawer.

Time and Money

Before you dive deep into cabinet refacing, it’s important to consider how it’s going to affect your budget. Cabinet refacing is far more affordable than replacing cabinets. In fact, it’s only about half the cost on average, though opting for high-end hardware and uncommon veneer will push the costs further. Even then, however, it still won’t cost as much as replacing your cabinets entirely.

In terms of time, refacing is much quicker than a replacement. Most jobs can be done within a week depending on kitchen size, but most are done after only a few days. During the process, you’re still free to use your kitchen. Since refacing isn’t replacing any parts of your kitchen, there’s never a point where you won’t have access to your kitchen’s features. In general, the overall inconvenience of the process affects you far less than cabinet replacement.

Aesthetic Customization

When refacing cabinets, there are a multitude of available customization options available, so it’s a great way to not only improve the quality of your cabinets but the aesthetic as well. Wooden cabinets are especially easy to customize thanks to the numerous glazes and stains you can choose from. Changing the hues on your cabinets can change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen.

You can also opt for laminate cabinet doors for high-end style at an affordable price. Additionally, laminate doors don’t require any maintenance and are remarkably easy to clean. Due to their use of resin, the surface is resistant to stains and cleaning is just a matter of using soapy water and a washcloth. Laminate material is also durable, so you don’t have to worry about the material warping over time or the color fading.

Functional Customization

If you ever wish you had a drawer where a cabinet is, refacing just might be the solution you need. While you’ll have to replace cabinets to change the overall layout of your kitchen, it’s easy enough to install a sink on an island or change a lower cabinet to a set of drawers. Even when a lower cabinet has shelving within to help organize items, it can be a bit hard to access the items inside. With a set of drawers, you can effectively pull the items out to you.

Keep in mind that refacing your cabinets doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep the cabinet door. Some open kitchen designs are adopting open shelving rather than cabinets at all. Not only will this make the kitchen feel more open, but is also makes items easier to get and the shelving can function as more than utilitarian storage. If you have more space than kitchen items, for example, you can use the open shelving to display items to add some more character to the kitchen.

Smart Add-Ons

When refacing your cabinets, it’s the perfect opportunity to add some of the smart storage solutions that have grown in popularity lately. Among the most common are drawer peg systems. No advanced technology is required here as they’re just simple wooden pegs colored the same as your drawer interior. They serve to keep mugs, plates, bowls and other items neatly separated and easily accessible. Additional inserts can be used in cabinets and drawers to help organize spices and cutlery.

It’s no secret that working in the kitchen can be noisy. Apart from the sound of blenders and mixers, the sound of cabinets closing can contribute to the noise. Most don’t take the time to gently close their cabinets, but sometimes even a gentle closure can be loud. When refacing, you can upgrade your cabinets to have slam-proof hinges. These handy devices will silence your cabinets and drawers for good by automatically slowing down the door’s approach allowing only a silent gentle closing. You don’t have to even think about it as these hinges take care of it all automatically.

Reface Your Cabinets With Kitchen Solvers

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and reface your cabinets, Kitchen Solvers is happy to help. Our elite team of designers can help you come up with the perfect aesthetic and function for your kitchen that works within the bare bones you already have and avoiding the need for cabinet replacements. Once the design is finalized, our team can take care of all the labor for you.

Our mission is to effortlessly guide you through your remodeling project to get the job done on time with the high level of quality you deserve. We strive for efficiency to ensure the project’s impact on your budget and your daily life is as small as possible. Contact our team today and take the first step toward completing your dream kitchen with a complimentary design consultation.

And be sure to check out our blogs, Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing along with Cabinet Refacing – Is it the Best Option for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project for more information on cabinet refacing.

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