Fixtures to Fully Enhance Your Kitchen

What might seem like small changes in your kitchen can make a world of difference and take your kitchen from drab to fab. If you’re not quite ready for a full kitchen remodel, updating a few key fixtures and features can do the trick to hold you over. Here are a few things to consider refreshing to fully enhance your kitchen. 


A simple upgrade to your cabinet hardware can completely change the style of your kitchen quickly and affordably. Swapping out the dated cabinet pulls and hinges to give your kitchen a trendy mid-century modern vibe is easy. Or if you’re looking for more of a farmhouse style, you can opt for rubbed bronze or classic black hardware. A stylish brass, ceramic, or even crystal knobs and pulls can add a splash of elegance to the kitchen. Some people go for more of an eclectic look with whimsy or painted pulls in bright colors; take it a step further and mismatch them throughout the space. What seems like such a simple change, can really make a huge difference to the overall style and feel of your kitchen.  


Your faucet is one of the most used fixtures in your kitchen so updating it can affect the function of your kitchen immediately. Modern faucets have lots of features like touch-on and touch-off or LED lights to indicate the water temperature. Having an expandable spout increases your range of motion and could make it possible to accomplish more tasks outside of your sink basin. Faucets are becoming more and more stylish as well with options from minimal and modern to farmhouse and rustic. Even thinking about the faucet knobs and what fits your style and function can help enhance your kitchen faucet experience. Do you want a faucet with separate hot and cold knobs, or would you prefer a simple one-piece with the hot and cold adjustment attached? This will not only depend on your style but also your personal preference and sink. 


Speaking of sinks, this is another fixture you can upgrade to update and modernize your space quickly. White porcelain and stainless steel sinks are classic and durable, but can easily look dated. Today’s trends for sinks include granite, quartz, and copper. Hammered stainless steel and copper are great options for the farmhouse style. Where quartz and slate are a great choice for a modern look. Rimless, undermount sinks fit perfectly into your countertop for a smooth, seamless look and can make clean up and prep work a breeze. Depending on how you use your sink, your sink can become a complete workstation with built-in colanders, utensil holders, drying racks or even cutting boards.  


The quickest way to change any room in the home is a lighting update. Not only can a new light fixture help illuminate the room differently, but the style of the fixture can modernize and freshen up the space. For kitchens, consider under cabinet LED lighting to illuminate work and prep areas. A lot of times, these can be a do-it-yourself installation so it’s an easy upgrade to do on a weekend. Other ways to upgrade your kitchen lighting are with flush mount light fixtures, pendant lights over islands or breakfast bars, or even in-cabinet lighting to highlight some of your favorite parts of your kitchen. 


If you currently don’t have a backsplash in your kitchen, adding one can make a huge difference. A backsplash not only protects your walls from oil and food splatters but also gives your kitchen that finished, polished look. Simply adding a backsplash can bring the whole kitchen together and add visual texture to the space. Backsplash can fit any style and can come in lots of different materials. Tile, glass, or even countertop materials can be used for backsplash so there are lots of different ways to make it fit your personal style. 

Whether you’ll be ready for a full kitchen remodel in a year or in another decade, keeping these small fixtures and features fresh and up to date can help keep your kitchen feeling new. When you are ready for a bigger project, your local Kitchen Solvers is here to help you design your dream kitchen from hardware and faucets all the way to cabinetry, flooring and appliances.