Have some fun with your kitchen design by mixing the style elements

Luxury kitchen with redwood cabinetry and center island
Luxury kitchen with redwood cabinetry and center island

Like a great cook who knows when to add that surprising ingredient into the recipe to make a memorable, satisfying dish, the same is true in our kitchen design efforts.  Sure, we could always do fine just with enjoying the same old comfortable recipes we grew up on, but I would suggest that this might be the time to take a long look at the ‘same old’, and consider how to create a new and surprising ‘favorite’ dish’ of kitchen design in our own rooms.

This can easily be done with a remodeling project of cabinet refacing, paint, and countertop changes.  Doing so establishes the “bones” in the project, but a further step of injecting that element of surprise into the space for a really enjoyable result is also something to consider.

Mixing in contrasting kitchen design styles while keeping in mind the primary, secondary, and decorative elements and how they weigh in the room is key.  For example, an elegant kitchen with the weight of the room established with perhaps painted and glazed raised panel (Old World) cabinets would be the primary style.  Injecting the workhorse element of exposing stainless steel appliances becomes the secondary weight—and has a completely different look than hiding the appliances with panels.  Next consider an enlivening line up of contemporary rather than traditionally styled elegant light fixtures which are the decorative elements in the space.  Suddenly the room is jazzed up in an unexpected way.

Have fun, love every choice, and consider getting a little playful as you and your team consider the many kitchen design options available to you.  And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are considering a kitchen remodel project.