Get to Know the Professionals

19-4_436816732What a Professional Can Do For You

As an Interior design professional over the last 25 years, specializing in every aspect of design,  one thing I do know—the best results come from understanding a comprehensive set of concepts, sensibilities, tools, resources, and in the end, boiling it all down and simply making the project look and feel ‘just right’.

In the last decade an explosion of advice and highlighted projects might give the impression that putting together a ‘new look’ for your kitchen could actually be an easy project.  We are all much more in tune to what great design can offer us—and ease in our environment, a great pleasure and comfort, and a refreshing escape for our families and friends.  But how to get there—from your particular situation to an end result you love?

You could just watch enough TV and give it a try…or you could contact a professional.

What the Professionals Should Know

In the specialized area of kitchen design, professionals know that the balance of materials, aesthetics, budget, and unique to your project considerations matter—and there is no other room in the house that requires bringing together all the skills and knowledge of great design, technical know-how, and seasoned execution, than in the kitchen.

To top it off, the choices and requirements of your own project probably haven’t exactly existed before, so there isn’t an ‘off the shelf” answer.  That only means that getting yourself familiar with these concepts is the best way to really work well with any professional, supplier, or remodeler, and take the stress off yourself as you embark upon discovering what is possible–and to ensure you are ready to go for your own kitchen remodel or new home project.